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Siju Wildlife Bird Sanctuary

Siju Bird Sanctuary, situated in the South Garo Hills district of the northeast Indian state Meghalaya, is the abode of gorgeous and vivid winged population. It is one of the best parks for the magnificent birds of northeast India. Also known as Siju Wildlife Sanctuary, it lies over a hilly region on the other side of the Simsang River, close to the Siju caves. It is located at a distance of 450 kilometres from Shillong. The riverine landscape of the sanctuary is spellbinding. Birdwatchers and nature lovers greatly cherish this beautiful place. Adventurous activities like trekking, angling, river rafting and fishing can also be enjoyed here. A steep climb of about one kilometre leads to the entrance of Siju Bird Sanctuary. The way is graced by a beautiful stretch of rock formation which reflects the nature’s unique creativity.

Siju Bird Sanctuary hosts both native as well as migratory birds from distant regions. During winters, the Siberian ducks can be spotted in the sanctuary. The Lesser or Grey Hornbill also dwell in the sanctuary. Peacock Pheasant is one of the important inhabitants of the sanctuary which is enlisted amongst the rare birds of the sanctuary. Apart from a plethora of common birds, several rare and protected birds can also be found in the sanctuary. Many of the birds dwelling in the sanctuary are facing the danger of extinction. Special care is taken for such species to reduce their death rate. The sanctuary serves the purpose of providing a wonderful home to the birds where they are neither caged nor are disturbed by human activities.

Visiting Information
Siju Bird Sanctuary offers an eco stay facility for the tourists where a wondrous nature stay can be cherished amid the forest. Camping activities are quite common here. Siju Bird Sanctuary is best visited during the winter season when a large number of migratory birds arrive in the sanctuary for escaping the cold or heat of their respective native lands. Baghmara is the nearest town from the sanctuary. Guwahati (Assam) situated at a distance of 128 kilometres serves as the nearest airport whereas Guwahati is also the nearest railways station. From Guwahati and Shillong, cabs or buses can also be availed. Siju caves, another tourist destination, are also located nearby which are made entirely of limestone.


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