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Sohagi Barwa Wildlife Sanctuary

Maharajganj is a quaint district with serene and tranquil environment and picturesque terrains dotted by meandering streams is a real treat. The WLS is situated at a distance of 56km from Gorakhpur and 50km from Maharajganj .The habitat of Sohagi Barwa Wildlife Sanctuary shelters fauna like Tiger, Leopard, Cheetal, Bear, Wild cat, Wild boar, Python, etc.

Sohagibarwa Wild Life Sanctuary, carved out of the Old Gorakhpur Forest Division in 1987, is situated in the Maharajganj district of Uttar Pradesh. The sanctuary, on the border area of the State, has the international Indo-Nepal border in the North and interstate U.P. – Bihar boarder to the East.

This sanctuary has been carved out of Northern part of prestigious Old Gorakhpur Forest Division, in year 1987.

The topography of the sanctuary is almost flat with an average height of 100mtrs above mean sea level. The area gently slopes from North – West to South –East. The sanctuary, drained by great Gandak, the little Gandak, Pyas and Rohin rivers, has a number of ponds, lakes [Tals], swamps and open grass lands. Climate of the area is pleasant throughout the year, with moderately chilly winters, during December & January.


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