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Sohelwa (Suhelwa/Soheldeo) Wildlife Sanctuary

Located in Shravasti, Balrampur and Gonda districts of Uttar Pradesh, Suhelwa was declared a Wildlife Sanctuary in 1988

Occupying an area of 452 sq km, the sanctuary is covered with Sal, Sheesham, Khair, Sagaun (Teak), Asna, Jamun, Haldu, Phaldu, Dhamina, Jhingan and Bahera trees. The fauna found in the sanctuary includes Leopard, Tiger, Bear, Wildcat, Wild Boar and various birds.

Sohelwa Wild Life Division is situated on the Indo-Nepal International Border. Sohelwa Wild Life Sanctuary is placed in between 27030’1″ N. to 27055’42” N. latitude & 81055’36” E. to 82048’33” E. Longitude. It is full of natural resources. It consists of dense forests with enormous wild life. Forms of natural scenery and beauty of the sanctuary has its unique place in Uttar Pradesh. At present it is one of the important place where Bhabher-Tarai Eco-System area, rich in bio diversity is visible. Sohelwa Wild Life Sanctuary came in force by the Government order No.5299/14-3-74-83 dated 14.11.1988. In the Wild Life Sanctuary there are five ranges – Tulsipur, Barahawa, Bankatwa, East Sohelwa and West Sohelwa. Its total area is 452 With this there is 220 Buffer zone which is divided in Bhaber and Rampur Ranges. By the Government order No.1470/14-4-2002-824/2002 dated 8.7.2002, its new name Soheldeo Wild Life Sanctuary was given. The new name was taken from the name of King Soheldeo. Adjacent to the Sanctuary area there are Shivalik Ranges of Himalaya. Above that there are dense forest, pastures in the forest areas and different water channels, related to these. In these forests the topography is uneven. There are ups and downs at place to place. Nalas of this area are very important. In rainy season they possess capacity of carrying anything with them. The Natural trail with Nalas makes the scenery of sanctuary beautiful. It is one of the most beautiful forest of Uttar Pradesh. This fact can be realized only after visiting this place. The natural peace and beauty of this sanctuary has capacity to re-energize the urbanites fatigue-ness and load of work. From the point of Eco-Tourism this place is very important.


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