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Surinsar Mansar Wildlife Sanctuary

Surinsar Mansar Wildlife Sanctuary derives its name from the two lakes, located on each corner of the sanctuary. Occupying an area of 98 sq km, the sanctuary is located 58 kms away from the Jammu city. The sanctuary harbors a mammal population of 8 species which includes Goral, wild boar, barking deer, leopard etc. The vegetation of the sanctuary includes the mixed scrub forest which comprises mainly of broad leaved species which are mixed with stands of Pinus gerardiana. The common broad leaved species are Mallotus phillipensis, Acacia spp., dalbergia sissii, bahunia variegate, ficus religiosa.

Among the avifauna found in the sanctuary include 15 species of birds. The main species are black partridge, red jungle fowl, peafowl, grey partridge, green pigeon, blue rock pigeon, rufus turtle dove.

The Surinsar Mansar Wildlife sanctuary has an altitudinal range of 430 to 611 meters above sea level. The best season for bird viewing is March to May and mammal viewing is September to March. While in the sanctuary, it is advisable to have trekking shoes, raincoat, and light clothing during spring and summer. In winter trekking shoes, heavy woolens, waterproof windcheaters should be kept.

The nearest airport from Surinsar Mansar Wildlife is in Jammu, which is 58 kms away. The nearest railhead is Jammu which is 56 kms away.


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