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Tipeshwar Wildlife Sanctaury

Tipeshwar wild life sanctuary Location- The sanctuary is situated at Pandarkawada Tehsil, in the district of Yavatmal, Maharashtra. Know Tipeshwar Sanctuary. The sanctuary covers an area of around 148.63sq.kms and abounds in vegetation cover. There are various villages located around the sanctuary and thus people depend on the forest for firewood, timber etc. The place is quite hilly and undulated and thus has different types of vegetation cover that varies with the altitude.

The Tipeshwar Wildlife Sanctuary is called a “Green Oasis” in the southern most part of the Maharashtra State and has a great significance from the point of view of wildlife and bio-diversity conservation. This sanctuary is locked in the arms of the nature and is adorned with picturesque landscape, luxuriant vegetation and serves as living outdoor museum to explore and appreciate the nature. This sanctuary embodies one of the best of our remaining forests, in the remote part of Yeotmal district.

The Tipeshwar wildlife sanctuary derives its name from the ‘Goddess Tipai’ located near the Tipeshwar village in the sanctuary area. It is situated in Patanbori and Parwa Ranges of the Pandarkawad Forest Division of Yeotmal District.

Tipeshwar Wildlife Sanctuary comprising of 148.63 sq.km. come into existence vides the Government of Maharashtra Notification No. WLP/1095-84/F-1-4, dated 24/01/1997 and 30/04/1997. It is situated in far southern corner of Maharashtra state, adjoining the Adilabad district of Andhra Pradesh. It constitutes a compact patch of dense forest cover, having immense value and potential for nature interpretation and bio-diversity conservation, in this region.


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