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Tips & Tricks from our Wildlife in the Era of Killer Competition

Market dynamics has changed a lot today with technology progressing rapidly with no clue on where our next competition is coming and when it comes we have no idea how to deal with that. None of the previous marketing or strategy or selling trick are making sense anymore. When you master one trick and you think you can use that, it has already become obsolete. How to survive in this era of killer competition?

Whatever changes happening around you, you should not be enamored by it as long as you are clear about your focus and clear about your marketing region and goal. Easier said than done as it is almost impossible today to clearly demark them. Is this the end of the era? is this the end of the road for us?

"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better." - Albert Einstein


What Einstein says makes a lot of sense as everything is guided by the laws of the nature as much as the MBA inside likes to not believe it.

In fact a subset of Nature, the Wildlife, teaches us very specific skills of survival, how to choose a market size, how to mark it, what are the market signals we should understand and how to react, when to partner with other companies, when to attack solo, what is that one need to possess as an SMB,  as a medium sized company or as a big MNC or a conglomerate and how to strategize, how to cover ones weakness, how to recognize competitors bluff, when to attack, when to defend  – all played out everyday in the Jungle near you and this is something they have perfected for tens & thousands of years and I feel we have a lot to learn.


tips tricks to learn from our wildlife

I have been giving sessions about this and if your company is interested to hear about it, drop me a line

Title: Tricks & Tips to Learn from our Wildlife in the Era of Killer Competition

Venue: Your office

Audience : CXOs, Top Management, Sales & Marketing professionals, Finance

Duration: 30 to 45 Min

Contact Details:

              email: manju (at) wildtrails (dot) in,

             WhatsApp: (+91) Nine Nine 0 117544


About the speaker:

tips & tricks to learn from wildlife in the Era of killer competition

Manjunath M Gowda is a serial entrepreneur and a wildlife enthusiast. He did his  BE in Comp Sc from UVCE Bangalore (1991) and then MS in Comp Sc in Oregon State, US (1993) and then with partnership with US co, started Bristol India in  Bangalore in 1998 which got acquired by HP (mid 2003) and then in late 2003 started S7 Software which got acquired by Blue Coat Systems in 2010 and Started i7 Networks in 2012 and started full time into WildTrails India in Sept 2016. Wildlife was always a passion for him. Interests towards wild animals, especially the Tiger, started in the early days when he used to accompany his vet doctor father to treat tigers in the Mysore Zoo, and have been visiting forests on a regular basis since then.  When there was an opportunity to start a new venture, decided to do where his passion was and hence WildTrails India was born.



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