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Udhwa Lake Wildlife Bird Sanctuary

Udhwa Lake Bird Sanctuary is one of the most attractive tourist attraction spots in Jharkhnad. The bird Sanctuary is extended with a coverage area of around 5.65 square kilometer. Udhwa Lake Bird Sanctuary is located close to the Udhwa Lake. There is also a lake named Patauda Lake. This lake is situated in Sahibganj District.

Udhwa Lake Bird Sanctuary is one of the natural abodes for a number of different types of birds who reside or migrate here. It includes house swifts, fishing eagles, Brahminy kites, and the swifts flying at alternating speeds. In this place, an ample collection of different migratory birds hail from other countries like Siberia and other European countries. They mostly migrate during the months of winter and dwell here for a longer period of time. The bird sanctuary is covered majority with the forest and other natural beauty. This landscape natural beauty attracts the birdwatchers to arrive at this place. It creates the perfect shelter not only for birdwatchers but also for birds to shelter.

The bird sanctuary is represented by a perfect and wonderful blend of the two main delectable lakes that are named as Berhale and Pataura. They both summarize together to engage a crumpling area that measures around five hundred and sixty five kilometers. Originally, the Pataura Lake measures around an area of 155 hectares while the lake Berhale bolts up an area measuring of four hundred and ten hectares respectively. The Udhwa Lake Bird Sanctuary is located at a short distance from the sacred small stream known as the Ganga River. This adds more pleasant and fills the atmosphere with cool fresh air. The rapid running water of the river passes through the sanctuary that please the eyes of the tourists with delight and pleasure.

There are a number of most important tourist attractions that the visitors can spot in the Udhwa Lake Bird Sanctuary. People who are nature lover or aficionado of adventure and flora and fauna, they make sure to witness this place. Tourists from all corners of the world come to visit the park including the local and international people. The most common attractions that you can spot near the water area are Darter, Dabchick, Cormorant, Teal, Jacana, Gull, and many more. They are easily spotted by the travellers, even majority of them reside on the hillocks or nestle on the green trees in the forest covered area. Near the banks of the Ganga, the tourist can enjoy the natural beauty and some of the rare species of birds that spend majority of the time in mud to satisfy they are Pratincole, Stork, Ibis, Heron, Egret, Wagtail, Plover, Lapwing, Waders, and many more. There are some of the unique bird species that explore on the extreme abundant grassland or on the open fields of Udhwa Lake Bird Sanctuary in the state of Jharkhand.

The most common birds are the Bulbul, Pipit, Hill Myna, Sparrow, Bee eaters, Lark, Blue Rock Pigeon, and other species of birds. If you are not only nature lover but also a birdwatcher then come and visit this place which is set up in the Sahibganj district. The bird sanctuary is a home for amazing six varied bird group having the same natural relation, especially of the Myna. They truly deserve and are present in a large density of population even today. The six different species of Myna are the Brahminy, Jungle Myna, Bank Myna, Indian Myna, Pied Myna, and the rarest one is the Grey headed Myna. The sanctuary is actually pretty worth to watch and observe the bird behavior which gives a thrilling view.

There is complete luxury shelter of voracious avian creatures which makes it wonderful for the visitors to spend more and more time by watching those beautiful two winged birds. Apart from the pretty birds, there are also some of the other wild avian creatures who reside here; they are Parakeet, Indian Roller, Drongo, Kingfisher, Swallow, House and Palm Swift, Vulture and Hawk, Fishing Eagle, Brahminy Kite, Tern, and many other birds.

The bird species migrate from other region just love to spend quality time in this Lake Bird Sanctuary. These migratory birds include Western Swallow, Blue-throat, Yellow and White Wagtail, Temmink’s Stint, Common Sandpiper, Spotted Green Shanks, Red and Green Shanks, Little-ringed Plover, Grey-headed Lapwing, Brown-headed Gull, Black-headed, and lot more.

Udhwa Lake Bird Sanctuary is located at a suitable position of both the indigenous and migratory birds where the tourists can get different mode of transport to access. Travelling by road is a perfect option where the tourists can get regular bus or taxi service that pass from Rajmahal HillDistrict and Sahibganj District. It also passes through different areas and cities that head to the shelter of the birds. The accommodation facilities are also provided by the tourist where they can stay while on tour to Bihar and Jharkhand. There are several rest houses and lodges with well equipped necessary items in reasonable price for visitors to spend a relaxing and comfortable stay.


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