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Wan Wildlife Sanctuary

Although this sanctuary is one of the lesser known in the state, yet it houses a number of wild animals that will allure you. Know more about the sanctuary before paying a visit here.

The sanctuary is also known by the name of Chilkahrada wild life sanctuary. It has been named after the notorious character Keechaka in the Hindu epic called Mahabharata.

The sanctuary is located in Melghat area in the Amravati District. It is actually an extension of the Melghat sanctuary on the southeastern part.

The region of Amravati is endowed with immense mythical significance. The mention of Amravati has been made in the Hindu scriptures as ‘the capital of Indra’s heaven’. That is why it is also known as Devapura, `city of the gods,’ and Pushabhasa, `sun-splendour.’

The sanctuary area in Amravati is located at 1,118 meters height. This is the point where the grand combatants, that is the mythical characters of Bheema and Keechaka fought against each other. Bheema was the winner who overthrew the villain Keechaka into the deep valley. From the name of this villain, the name of valley Keechakahrada is derived. Chilkahrada is the distortion of this name. As mentioned earlier, Wan sanctuary is also known by the name of Chilkahrada wild life sanctuary.


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