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Get "smart" with WildTrails

6 reasons to Book With WildTrails?

Blog contents (Read ~5-7min):

  • Technology for wildlife trips
  • Best Partnerships
  • Care for locals
  • Customer experience/support
  • Ethical/legal principles
  • Are we expensive? or Are we experiensive? 🙂

1. We use Technology to Enhance our Customers Wildlife Experience

WildTrails is the world’s first and only company to bring

  • Sightings Data and analytics into planning Wildlife holidays

As a traveller, you have an advantage if you book with us, as we use our “sighting index” metric to improve your Safari sightings. 

Why is WildTrails “Smart” with Bookings?


Play with WildTrails Intelligence: 

How do we achieve our “intelligence” and “smartness”?

Currently we have data from the year – 2016. We collect sightings data across all national parks and tiger reserves, for every session, gate, day of the month and year and we crunch this data to find where tiger sightings are happening.

We dont reveal the exact location of the sightings – done for the safety of the animals in question.

2. We Partner with the Best

  • naturalists, expert trackers and conservationists across all parks we operate.
  • airport pickup/drop cab operators
  • resorts
  • safari booking experts
  • safari pickup/drop drivers

3. We care about our locals and destinations

Your resort/safari ticket revenues goes to the local community. If they get benefited from this, YOU and we will indirectly kill the horrifying illegal poaching industry.

We ensure that the local people are benefitted from the tour you do.

At WildTrails we frequently monitor the social, economic and environmental impacts of our wildlife travel operations to ensure we are at the forefront of a sustainable and ethical tourism industry.

4. We are with you round the clock, from booking to end of the trip & beyond

It is just not get your money, give you the tickets and we are done. We strongly believe that experience starts from the day you contact us. 


We are with you constantly updating

  • news and info about the destination
  • what’s happening in the forests
  • what’s the weather like
  • what equipments to carry
  • what kind of clothes to wear/carry

.. all the time via our group created in the app and answering every question you might have about your trip.

During the trip:

  • We have 16hr direct chat support once you start the trip.

If you face any issues during your trip with safari/resort/any guides or any other thing, you have our customer support team always in touch with you through the chat and calls, if needed.

5. Ethical and Legal

For us, it is not just business for the sake of business.

We care for

  • the forest,
  • the forest personnel,
  • and the ecosystem.

We understand the rules of the system and the government and never will break the law of the forest or law of the land we work in. We never get into any illegal means be it procuring tickets or safari or resorts or be it anything. We will rather lose the customer and the business than falling down to unethical or illegal practices.

6. Are we expensive? It is the Experience that Matters the Most

Yes, we are a little expensive. You can somehow book the parts and get the same program stitched and yes it can be cheaper. But we strongly believe that you cannot get the experience what we provide.

We believe you take this safari trip for the experience but not to cut corners.

If you feel that you are here to just put a tick mark that I was there rather than

  • to experience wildlife, 
  • to feel the forest,
  • dive into that indulgence,

.. you should give us a miss.

If you don’t believe what we are saying, you should check out what our customers say.

Play with our sightings and decide to drop a lead: https://www.wildtrails.co/sightings.php

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