Why Book With WildTrails? - Come Experience Wildlife like Never Before

Why Book With WildTrails?

Why Book With WildTrails?

We are Wildlife Specialists

This company is started by Software professionals with each having more than two decades of Wildlife Experience not just as a photographer but more so from the passion, care, & conservationist. Just for the pure love of animals & birds – be it the Indian animals to the birds of North East India to the Big 5 of Africa to the ocean wildlife across US & Europe and Australia/NZ to the Amazonian wildlife in South America, we have covered all and know what all problems we faced and wanted to find a solution to make it extremely easy for fellow WildLife Enthusiasts like us, and hence WildTrails was born.

We use Technology and Data Mining to Enhance our Customers Wildlife Experience

Being Software professionals applying technology to solve some of the problems becomes easy for us. We have created a separate app to collect all sightings data (without revealing exact location of the sightings – done for the safety of the animals in question) across all national parks and tiger reserves and soon to be extended across the world. We collect for every session, every gate, every day of the month, year and we crunch these data to find where tiger sightings and other such sought after species sightings are happening and we can predict reasonably well on where we can get next sightings depending what time of the year it is. 

We also calculate what we call Tiger Sighting Index (TSI) (R) which gives a reasonable idea what sanctuary and what gate where good sightings are happening but what it does not give is what exact trails if we follow our sightings will be enhanced and that is exactly what we do. Tailor the trails within the given sanctuary and gate where we have max TSI to increase the chances of sightings.

[We will be soon coming out with such indices for other mammals for across the world]

[All the data are published every day on our mobile app – WildTrails]

We Partner with the Best

As a leading specialist operator we have excellent partnerships with naturalists, expert trackers and conservationists across all parks we operate. We know our wildlife. We work with only those resorts we feel our guests will feel at home. Our hand pickings even goes to with which cab operator we work as we know even a small issue here and there can upset the experience.

We are destination specialists

Our team of specialists & partners we work with have extensive on-the-ground knowledge and have all lived, guided or explored in great detail the destinations that we sell. They will design your wildlife journey around you, at the right place at the right time keeping you and your wildlife experience in mind. 

We really care about our destinations

At WildTrails we frequently monitor the social, economic and environmental impact of our wildlife travel operations to ensure we are at the forefront of a sustainable and ethical tourism industry. We ensure that the local people are benefitted form the tour you do. You will realize that when you take a safari tour with us. In the end if the local community does not benefit from what we do, there is no point in doing this. We are very clear about it. If local community gets benefited from thus Wildlife tourism, will indirectly kill the horrifying shameful illegal poaching industry and YOU and We are doing a bit in this regard.

We are with you round the clock, from booking to end of the trip & beyond

It is just not get your money, give you the tickets and we are done. We strongly believe that experience starts from the day you contact us. We are with you from the day of contact until you end the trip and longer. We are with you constantly updating news and info about the destination & whats happening there, all the time via our group created in the app exclusively for your travel group and answering your every question you might have including suggesting what’s the weather like there and also what equipments to carry and what kind of clothes to wear/carry to being with on your trip being part of your happiness when you sight the elusive and guiding you what to do and what not and everything – simply put it we almost travel with you  – as a virtual naturalist!! This is in addition to our on-the-ground experts who are with you all the time.

It is the Experience that Matters the Most

Yes, you can somehow book the parts and get the same program stitched and yes it can be cheaper if you do on your own or with local travel operators but we strongly believe that you cannot get the experience what we provide. We always say that the result is much more than the sum of the individual parts. We believe you take this safari trip for the experience but not to cut corners. If you feel that you are here to just put a tick mark that I was there rather than to experience wildlife, rather than to feel the forest, rather than dive into that indulgence, you should give us a miss. If you don’t believe what we are saying, you should check out what our customers say.

Ethical and Legal

For us, it is not just business for the sake of business. We care for the forest, the forest personnel, and the ecosystem. Not just that, when we deal with the system or with the forest department or partners or with anyone we work with, we try to uphold to the maximum extent of being ethical. More than that, we understand the rules of the system and the government and never will break the law of the forest or law of the land we work in, and never get into any illegal means be it procuring tickets or safari or resorts or be it anything, we will rather lose the customer and the business than falling down to unethical or illegal practices.

We share our profits with the Ecosystem

As we stated earlier, it is not the business for the sake of business for us. We care for the ecosystem, for the forest personnel. WildTrails makes it a point to pick a sanctuary or a few of them and distribute goodies to the forest personnel around the end of the year as a thanksgiving to all those guides, drivers, guards and other forest personnel because of who we exist & thrive today and it’s our own way of telling “Thanks” and also a way share our profits too. We are not a big company nor a highly profitable company either but we strongly believe that good habits should start early and not wait when we are profitable or when we grow big but has to be inculcated into our growth. That is our strong belief and also our vision and mission to keep helping those communities who help us grow. It’s our Thanksgiving.

In a Nutshell

We are wildlife specialists, and we specialize in putting people in the right place at the right time. We hire people only those who passionate about wildlife and then comes all other credentials.When you get in touch with us you will discover how our team already starts making a difference. A destination specialist will be in touch with you as soon as you make the first touch with us. We don’t book wildlife holidays but we design one for you and that is something can’t be replicated by other companies. 

We don’t do hard sales nor led by commissions but we will keep only your experience in mind and start working designing one for you and will get plenty of inspiration and advice, and we know that this is not a one-off relationship but just a beginning of lifetime connect.