10 Experiences to have in Kabini National Park.
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10 experiences to have in Kabini National Park.

Tiger in Kabini

If you have been planning for your first visit to Kabini National Park in Karnataka. Kabini is very beautiful, covered with exotic landscapes and lush greenery. So, finally one can decide to visit the place and experience it by themself. Wildlife Sanctuaries in Karnataka has become a paradise for wildlife enthusiasts. Kabini is also one of the most popular destinations in Karnataka. Sightings of wild animals in the wild is a unique experience for all those who visit this beautiful place. 


Just a pleasant 5 hours drive from Bangalore one can reach Kabini. The 10 best experiences one can have in Kabini.

  • Jungle safari is a great adventure itself and one of the most exciting things to do in Kabini.
  • Elephants will be all around in the Sanctuary, Cheetal and Gaur gazing around.
  • The beautiful Landscape covered with mesmerizing greenery is indeed an experience.
  • Into the awed  silence, one can take in all that the forest had to offer.
  • Recently the pride of Kabini is the Black Panther, people call it with different names like Bageera, Phantom and what not. The black panther too can be spotted.
  • Balle Elephant Camp, one of a handful of camps in the area where a few elephants are trained. ‘The Gajapayana, the caparisoned elephant parade, is the most popular part of Mysore’s Dussehra festival parade.
  • Tiger can be sighted when it comes out for a stroll.
  • Large Varieties of birds like the Malabar Lark, Malabar trogon, Indian Pitta and the glorious Malabar pied hornbill can be spotted in this part of the Sanctuary.
  • One of the best experiences is to go for Boat Safari, Crocodiles sliding in and out of the water can be seen.
  • If you have the soul of an adventurer, trekking is one activity one can take up here. It is a challenging activity for many people but at the same time one of the top things to do in Kabini.

Distance major Cities and Kabini National Park

  1. Bangalore to Kabini National Park is 220 Kms and 5 Hours pleasant drive.
  2. Nearest Town is Mysore and it is 80 Kms, hardly takes 2 hour to reach.
  3. Famous Hill Station Coorg in Karnataka is just 75 Kms.
  4. Madikere another Town in Karnataka is 90 Kms away.

Kabini is a paradise renowned for its rich flora and fauna. The place is one of the hot-spot for Wildlife enthusiasts. Kabini was declared as Tiger reserve in 1999. The forest is located on the banks of Kabini River which starts from Wayanad District in Kerala. If you are planning to do an adventure during the weekends or you are a core wildlifer then this is the ideal place. The place becomes an eventful trip as the place has much to offer.

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