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Trust your ability not critics. A Business lesson from Bumblebee (#9)

business lesson from bumblebee

In Startups, in management and everywhere your instinct and you ability says something but critics by their deep data analytics, by their logic will prove to you or to your startup how it is flawed but let’s learn a business lesson from bumblebee which defies the logic and shows us that we can do what we want to if we believe deeply in our ability. 

A Business lesson from Bumblebee – The Bumblebee argument

In the 1930s, a leading zoologist concluded after careful study that, according to the laws of aerodynamics, it should be impossible for a bumble bee to fly. That is because its size, weight, and the shape of its body are all wrong in relation to its total wingspread.


The Bumble bee as per aerodynamics theory [the argument or the data set may be flawed but when it comes from experts you tend to believe] just mentioned can never fly but it does and if it was allowed to listen to us, it would have never flown but thank god it never listens to us nor understands what we say.

Business lesson from Bumblebee to Learn

Multilevel marketing makeup magnate Mary Kay has been a major propagator of this bit of modern folklore, using it to encourage its low-ranking sellers to continue pushing their products despite their own inability to function in a badly structured marketing environment. The story implies that you can beat marketing inexperience and a low customer base with willpower and trust in God. The quote is often attributed to Mary Kay Founder Mary Kay Ash herself.

So prevalent is the Bumblebee argument in the Mary Kay Cosmetics that successful and high ranking distributors are awarded lapel pins and pinkie rings with bee designs on them.

Same thing happens everywhere especially in startups (more so here), marketing, management, sports and all across, where we have trust in our ability and we feel we can do it but so called critics, experts find a logic and a data set to prove you wrong and that deters you completely and you either fail or you stop proceeding. When such impediments hit, remember the business lesson from bumblebee you just learnt and trust your abilities and go forward and you will fly!!

Remember that the data set or the argument logic most probably will be flawed but we tend to believe it as it comes from the experts and without verifying the data itself we make decisions which are mostly against what our gut, what our intuition or what our ability says. We should not blindly accept the fact just because it comes from an expert but do a thorough analysis of the fundamentals of the data and then make a decision and always trust your instinct and ability with the actual data analysis done by you!! 

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