Big Cats | The ambush hunters that hunts only when required.

Big Cats |Ambush Hunter

Big Cats |Ambush Hunter

There’s a true hunter in every living species. If it’s about wildlife then definitely each & every single species living around will have certain level of superiority compared to others among the circle.

Taking that to note, big cats are really superior and one has to take note of how well big cats get along with the minors around them.

Big Cats Hunt only when required. Each & every step involved in a hunt is remarkable and feast to naked eyes.

Maintaining a healthy chemistry between big cats & us is the next challenge. The chemistry can be spoiled in one minor yet simple mistake too. One has to understand the pros & cons involved of being engaged in live field specially during a live session where hunting scene are about to happen.

Wildlife is not just about photographing, you really need to get along with the laws of nature and tune in with every rhythm happening second after second. The alarm calls being a great example. If you miss out on one then it’s hard to get along with an other. On field be patient and alert on each & every moment along with the sound.

In here you can witness the depth of that stare, acceleration as one can obviously conclude about this male tiger, that he has locked his target and is about to mark his move. All these doesn’t happen in a go or often. Patience really mater plus your perseverance level to achieve something which is really unusual.

Explore the wild phase & you will come across these for sure. Just that the right time is yet to come.
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