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Best time for visiting Ranthambore and tiger sightseeing

Best time for visiting Ranthambore

Ranthambore is a place where you get a chance to see wildlife in its best manner possible. Located in the eastern portion of a dry state like Rajasthan the place experiences very high temperatures in summers. If you are thinking about how to book a trip to Ranthambore we are going to tell you the best time to do so.

Time to visit

When you are thinking of visiting the natural park you should know what to expect in Ranthambore. The summers are extremely hot and temperature can touch around 45 degrees C.  Starting from Early October to the end of June the weather is warm in the day but nights are quite cool. Peak summer is in the months of March to Early June and will be very hot during the day. However, the rainy season means breeding season and during that time the park remains closed.

If you plan your visit in summers the chances of getting a peek at the elusive animal’s increases. Winters your chances decreasing and pick that season up only if you are ok with the chilly nights and daytime fewer sightings.

When to expect tiger sighting

Once you have found out the safari details you would want to know whether the time of booking is ideal for tiger sighting or not. The Bakula area is one where the maximum sightings happen. In fact, in zone 1-6 you can get to see the maximum number of wild cats. Visitors can use their still camera but for their video camera, you need to take a permit. [WildTrails app gives a lot of details on Sightings which can be used to plan the ideal time for your visit]

The safari timings would half hour before sunrise or half hour after sunset. If the tiger has been viewed in an area in the morning’s chances are he may still be there in the evenings. Sometimes, the tiger has made a kill in an area and that means he will stay there for some more time. Normally, it would take you many trips to actually get to see the magnificent animal.

Tiger sightings are quite common in the Ranthambore national park. As the temperature rises the chances of seeing the wild animal also increases. By now, these animals have got used to human attention and they no longer retaliate when they some humans around. Guides will share with you first-hand experiences of seeing predators hunting down their animals and you could also be lucky enough to have a peek. The sloth bear is also a fairly common animal which you can manage to have a look at. But it only comes out during dusk and you might have to put in a lot of effort to gaze at it.

Wondering still, how foreigners can plan an amazing Ranthambore trip from Delhi Jaipur etc. then go through the above details to know which the most suitable time to book is. A natural reserve is a place where you can and should take as many photographs as possible as only that can help you relive the experience of visiting this awesome place. Stay aware and you might get a chance to view some rare species that are not sighted anywhere else in India.

If you need help to book an amazing Ranthambore Trip based on sightings data, drop us an email to [email protected]

[Image Courtesy: Siddharth Singh]

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