Planning & Executing a Central Indian Wildlife Safari Circuit
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Central Indian Wildlife Safari Circuit – How to Plan one?

All you want to know about Ranthambore

This article talks about how to go about and plan your central Indian wildlife Trip including your Tiger Marathon in Central India. Also discusses what all parks are present, how to plan an itinerary, where to start from and what to cover etc.

All parks of Central India:

Of all the parts of India, Central Indian wildlife parks are called the Tiger Heaven for Visitors. There are plenty of parks over there and all within say 500kms radius. The most popular & sought after are

  1. Tadoba – 140 kms from Nagpur
  2. Pench – 100 kms from Nagpur
  3. Kanha – 240 kms from Nagpur & 217 kms from Jabalpur, 180 kms from Raipur
  4. Bandhavgarh – 168 kms from Jabalpur

The next set of parks, may not be as popular as the first set but doing extremely good in sightings are

  1. Umred Khrandala – 60 kms from Nagpur
  2. Bor – 70 kms from Nagpur
  3. Tippeshwar – 200 kms from Nagpur, 150 kms from Chandrapur
  4. Panna – 70 kms from Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh
  5. Sanjay-Dubri – 250 kms from Khajuraho, Madhya Pradesh
  6. Nagzira – 118 kms from Nagpur
  7. Satpura – 250 kms from Nagpur
  8. Melghat – 205 kms from Nagpur

What to plan to see in Central India?

Central India is sort of the Tiger region of India. Almost all of them are Tiger reserves and are doing extremely good in sightings [to know exact sightings and Tiger Sighting Index, please see WildTrails App] and one should mainly aim Tiger Sightings (while leopard sightings are also there but rare compared to say South India but Nagzira is an exception. Also, note that there are no elephants in the wild in Central India.

From where is the best place to start Central Indian Safari?

Nagpur is called the Tiger Capital and that’s where you start your central Indian safari. Closest cities to Nagpur are Mumbai, Hyderabad but almost all cities are well connected to Nagpur via air, railways, and road.

If you are flying from outside, the best bet would be to fly to either Mumbai, Bangalore or Hyderabad and then take a connecting flight to Nagpur.

Ideal itineraries:

Ideal itineraries include three nights in Tadoba, maybe 2 nights in Pench and Kanha and another 2 nights in Bandhavgarh. You could also add another 2 nights in one or two of the secondary parks like Nagzira or Bor or Tippeshwar etc – assuming if you want to do multi-park but many have chosen just a single park and done 5 nights there.

The WildTrails Advantage

WildTrails is a new age Wildlife Travel company that creates tailor-made wildlife packages across India for you. It’s the company started by a bunch of expert Wildlifers themselves who have been visiting Indian jungles for more than 2 decades with 1000s of safari experiences and now with organizing a few 100s of groups for safari trips across Indian jungles. Also, it’s the only company that collects sighting data (has more than 3 years worth of data) across all popular national parks & tiger reserves and calculate a predictive metric (Sighting Index) from data analysis, and then by applying our AI/Ml algorithms on thus collected sightings data to find patterns and then to find out for a given time which is the best park and best zone to visit to spot a given big cat. Once we choose what’s the best zone, we book the safari tickets for the same, book the resort that is extremely close to that zone (how far you stay to the safari gate is also very critical – near the better else you will come late and end up last in the line/queue to enter the zone) and another most important critical thing we do is to assign you one of the top local trackers from our extensive trackers network across most national parks and tiger reserves of India who actually completes the amazing Indian jungle safari experience.

Hope you reach out to us to ensure an amazing experience. Read our customer testimonials here before you reach out to us.

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