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Kenya’s Two kinds of Zebras

kenya's 2 kinds of zebras

Kenya is famous for its wildlife and is one of the top wildlife destinations in Africa and known for its Big 5 and also for its world famous “The Great Migration” of Masai Mara where millions of wildebeest cross the river Mara, come July every year.

Kenya is also home to 2 kinds (subspecies) of Zebras out of 3 kinds which exist in the Wild. The two types are

1. Burchell’s or Common or Plains Zebra

Plains Zebra of Masai Mara

Burchell’s zebra, named after the Scientist by the same name, which also is referred to as the plains zebra, is the most numerous of the three species. It weighs around 485 to 550 pounds. One of the best places to see plains zebra is in the Serengeti Park in Tanzania and Amboseli and Masai Mara of Africa. The plains zebra likes to live in smallish units consisting of a stallion, a few mares and their young.

2. Grevy’s Zebra

samburu special 5
Grevy’s Zebra from Samburu, Kenya

Grevy’s zebra is larger than Burchell’s, weighing between 770 and 990 pounds compared to 485 to 550 pounds for a Burchell’s zebra. These features distinguish it from the other zebra species: it has a long mane and larger ears, thinner stripes, larger bodies, & white bellies. The Grevy is only about 5 inches taller than Burchell’s zebra, which indicates that Burchell’s zebra has a much stockier body. Also the stripes are straight linbesGrevy’s zebra are found mostly in northern Kenya but in substantially reduced numbers. There are only around 2,500 Grevy’s in Africa compared to 15,000 just a few decades ago.

Here is the image next to each other so that can be easily compared

kenya's 2 kinds of zebras

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