How to Reach Pench Safari Gates ?
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How to Reach Pench Safari Gates?

Reach Pench Safari Gates

This article explain how to reach Pench safari gates. Pench Tiger Reserve has Five entry points in Madhya Pradesh and six entry points in Maharashtra.

To Reach Pench Safari Gates

As said earlier, Pench has 5 safari gates in Madhya Pardesh, namely, Touria, Karmajhiri, Jhamtara, the buffer gate at Rukhad, the Night Safari gate and has 6 safari gates in Maharastra namely, Silari, Chorbahuli, Khursapar, Kolitmaara, Khubada (Saleghat), Surewani (Nagalwadi).

Pench is accessible from Jabalpur, Nagpur, Balaghat and Chhindwara by road. All the places are connected to major cities in the country by road and rail.

Nearest Airport: Jabalpur (Madhya Pradesh) & Nagpur (Maharashtra)

Nearest Railway Station : Jabalpur & Chhindwara (Madhya Pradesh) & Nagpur (Maharashtra)

Distance by Road to Reach Pench Safari Gates :

  • Jabalpur – Seoni – Suktara – Karmajhiri : 195 km.
  • Jabalpur – Seoni – Khawasa – Turia : 215 km.
  • Nagpur – Khawasa – Turia : 85 km.
  • Nagpur – Suktara – Karmajhiri : 135 km.
  • Balaghat – Seoni – Suktara – Karmajhiri : 150 km.
  • Balaghat – Seoni – Khawasa – Turia : 200 km.
  • Seoni – Suktara – Karmajhiri : 50 km.
  • Seoni – Khawasa – Turia : 110 km.
  • Chhindwara – Bichhua – Pathri – Thotamal – Jamtara : 80 km.
  • Chhindwara – Chand – Maghdoun – Thotamal – Jamtara : 59 km

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