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Tadoba Jungle Safari rules during COVID-19/Corona Lockdown

Tadoba Jungle Safari rules during COVID-19 Lockdown

Tourism is being started in the buffer zone of this tiger project from July 1, 2020.  Accordingly, the following methods and rules have been laid down for starting nature tourism.  It is being ordered to take necessary action for the strict implementation of these rules. Tadoba Jungle Safari rules during COVID-19 Lockdown are as follows:

Tadoba Jungle Safari rules during COVID-19 Lockdown

 1) Reservation for tourism will be offline.  For this, the one who comes first at the respective entrance will get a reservation.  

2) The time of this tour will be from 6:30 to 10:00 in the morning and from 2:00 pm to 5:30 pm in the afternoon. 

3) For this, the gypsy fee for each round is Rs.  2,200 / – will remain, guidance fee will be Rs.  350 / – while the entrance fee for Gypsy is Rs.  1,000 / – will remain.  The fee for cameras up to 250 lenses will be Rs. 200 / – and for lenses above it will be Rs. 250 / -. 

4) 6 Gypsy vehicles will be allowed to enter in one round through each buffer entrance. 

5) Out of 6 vehicles and tourist guides, 4 vehicles and guides will be registered at the respective buffer entrance, while the remaining 2 vehicles and guides will be registered at the nearest core entrance.  See the following table.  


Names of Tadoba Core Entrance Gates:

Names of the Tadoba buffer entrance 



Devada-Agarzari; Adegaon






Navegaon – Ramdegi, Alizanza, Nimdela



Konara Kolara, Madnapur, Sirkheda






Shari – Peth, Keslaghat

6) The body temperature of each tourist should be checked before entering the tourist work through the entrance. Tourists with fever, illness, or pertussis should not be allowed in.  

7) Only tourists wearing masks will be admitted.  Non-mask tourism should not be allowed under any circumstances.  It will be the responsibility of the tourist to bring the mask.  

8) The used mask will be taken away by the tourist.  In any case, masks, gloves, water bottles, etc. worn by tourists.  Care should be taken that the material is not thrown in the forest or elsewhere. 

9) Before boarding the tourist vehicle, tourists will disinfect their hands with sanitizer.  Without it, no tourist will be allowed to sit in the gypsy.  It is the responsibility of the tourist to bring the sanitizer.  

10) Gypsy owners will be required to keep sanitizer for tourists in their gypsy before arriving at the entrance and gypsy owners will be required to clean and sanitizer gypsy.  Everyone who comes for safari will be required to wear a mask.  

11) Toilets for tourists should be kept clean.  They should be disinfected after each use. 

12) Tourists will not go down anywhere during the wanderings. 

13) The gypsy owner will be responsible for the complete disinfection of the gypsy after each visit.  

14) If a tourist from outside or from Chandrapur district comes for safari, he /she will be bound to follow the orders and rules of this tiger project and the government.  

Image Courtesy: Ravi Tadoba Guide

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Tadoba Jungle Safari rules during COVID-19 Lockdown

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