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Tadoba Jungle Safaris (Virtual 4k)

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  • Why Tadoba forest dept is doing this? (with Credits)
  • 8 things to teach your self/kids
  • Tadoba Virtual Safari Video Links
  • Some WildTrails Video Links

Why Tadoba forest dept is doing this?

Due to the lockdown, the forests across India are closed. Tadoba forest department are bringing us virtual safari tours from Tadoba forest.

And credits to Shri Manisha P (Range forest officer, Tadoba), other officers and Tadoba tech team. They explained the forests so well. They taught me a lot, personally ! 

The video content below, wholly and solely, belongs to Tadoba Forest department only. WildTrails, being a pro-jungle brand, is empowering more audiences through this wonderful content provided by the Forest dept.

8 things to teach your self/kids

  1. Tigers PEE – to mark their territories, do you know that?
  2.  Census in the forests? what/why/how !
  3. Why wouldn’t 2 tiger kill a sloth bear?
  4. Do tigers have different features? or are they all the same?
  5. What are pug marks? How can we identify them?
  6. What are distress and alarm calls raised by animals?
  7. What trees are present in the Tadoba?
  8. Various birds present in Tadoba
Tiger pug mark Tadoba
Tiger pug mark, explained by Manisha !

Tadoba Virtual Safari Video Links

We, at WildTrails, heartily thank Tadoba Forest dept for providing such beautiful and informative videos about Tadoba Andheri Forest. These videos are recorded in 4k.

All the 10 things and many more topics are present in these short videos. Consume and Enjoy 🙂

These are only a few videos, more such wonderful content is present on on Tadoba youtube channel.

Stunning moon - shot by Forest officer
Stunning moon shot – from Tadoba !

Some WildTrails Video Links:

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