What is Mara Migration ?
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What is Mara Migration?

Mara Migration

Migration is like a quick acronym that refers to a yearly cross-border migration of Wildebeest species from Tanzania to Kenya through the Maasai Mara River.

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The river is invested with lots of crocodiles who are carnivorous, presenting a spectacular scenery as millions cross through the river notwithstanding, with some falling prey. Once the Wildebeest enter the Mara in their Millions, the Mara becomes a real beehive of activities right from early July through to the end of October. 

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This really would be an ideal period to visit Kenya as Mara is the epitome of Kenya’s tour experience. However, the little downside during this period becomes the prices as this period is actually the peak period with prices at the highest.

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Meanwhile, the Wildebeest migrate back to Tanzania by the end of October, but even after they depart, Mara remains vibrant as there is always resident herds of Wildebeest who never cross this anytime Mara experience is wonderful throughout the year. Rates are lower in November up to 20th December, as well from May through to the end of June. You may now decide which period suits you looking at all these dynamics.

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