Wildlife (Anti-Poaching): Cam for Horn!!

Wildlife (Anti-Poaching): Cam for Horn!!

Wildlife (Anti-Poaching): Cam for Horn!!

(See attached Pic of Rino in the Wildlife and associated article – Courtesy TOI)



A Rhino gets killed every six hours; There are only 25,000 rhinos in the wild and out of which 80% are in South Africa itseems. This new technology – Cam for Horn can prevent poaching to a large extent. Anything like this for our tigers? a nano-chip inserted into their blood stream??


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PS: Please be a responsible wildlife tourist; While in the forest  – no littering, no sounds, no feeding, no getting down from the safari jeep, no calls (put your cell phones to airplane mode or switch off). Remember we are visiting their home and when we are there, let’s follow their rules.



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