Animals of Kaziranga National Park
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Animals of Kaziranga

Indian rhinocerosAssam Roofed turtle
Wild water buffaloIndian Roofed Turtle
Indian elephantIndian Tent Turtle
Royal Bengal tigerTricarinate Hill Turtle
Indian boarIndian Eyed Turtle
Himalayan moleGangetic or Indian Softshell Turtle
Indian pangolinIndian Peacock Softshell Turtle
Gaur (Bos gaurus)Narrow Headed Softshell Turtle
BarasinghaIndian Flapshell Turtle
Sambar deerOldham’s Leaf Turtle
Indian muntjacIndian Black Turtle
Western hoolock gibbonKeeled Box Turtle
Indian hog deerBrown Hill Tortoise
Capped langur
Rhesus macaqueLizards
Assam macaqueCommon Indian Skink
Indian leopardAssam Olive-Brown Skink
Sloth bearTuckto Gecko
Indian porcupineTicticky House Gecko
Fishing catCommon Bengal Monitor
Jungle catIndian Water Monitor
Large Indian civetAssam Greyish-Brown Gecko
Small Indian civetLight-Olive Assam Garden Lizard
Indian gray mongooseAssam Garden Lizard
Small Indian mongooseDotted Garden Skink
Bengal fox
Indian jackalSnakes
Common otterBlack Krait
Chinese ferret badgerBengal Cobra
Hog badgerCommon Kukri Snake
Ganges and Indus river dolphinStriped Keelback
Orange-bellied Himalayan squirrelCheckered Keelback Watersnake
Asiatic black bearCommon or Long-Nosed Vine Snake
Bat, various speciesRock Python
Reticulated Python
Copperhead Trinket Snake
Rat Snake

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