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How to book a safari in Tadoba?

tadoba safari book online

This blog will explain in detail on how to book a Safari in Tadoba with a clear and clean step by step approach.

[If you are looking for safari sharing for Tadoba,  click here]

First mark a set of dates where you can probably make the trip (multiple set of dates as you might not get lucky with getting safari for the first set of dates)

Next decide which gates work for you – either based on the distance or based on the Sightings happening then or based on the resort that is attached to that gate etc. All these data are available on the app – WildTrails India App

One you pick the gate, have a look at the online booking table which shows the gates, dates and which are available – pick the one that suits you and book the safari. Again the app has complete step by step procedure to book it online. No way you can get confused.

tadoba safari book online

You can’t get Safari tickets at the gate for Core while there are certain tickets reserved to be sold at the gate (what is called Spot Booking) for buffer gates. But you can book online (reservation starts 120 days ahead) for all of these gates.

[WildTrails India App has complete step by step procedure to book the safari as well as the accommodation but if you need help, as always drop us an email to ]

gypsy at moharli gate tadoba
Why is knowing sightings gate-wise is critical before booking a Safari in Tadoba?

As I said earlier, many of them book safari in tadoba at a given gate after knowing the sighting over there. The movement of the animals especially the Tigers are more in a given zone than others at a given day/time etc and sometimes other zone will be completely dry. So picking zones/gates based on the prior sightings enhances your sighting probability for sure. People wait to know the sightings and then they book.  You can download the app WildTrails India App to look at historical sightings and then decide to yourself what gate suits you best or as always drop us an email to

tadoba sightings

BTW when you book multiple safaris, make sure you choose gates that are close by else you will end up missing those safaris for sure as the gates are very further apart (60 to 80 to 120 kms away) and the roads are not well paved and hence you will not only spend a lot of time traveling between gates, but also will get very tired before the safari starts and you will not enjoy your safari.

The exact distance between each of the gates to any other gate is covered in the app as a distance matrix.

If you still feel you need help, drop us an email to


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