Booking Resorts directly for the jungle safari vs booking with WildTrails
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Booking Resorts directly vs booking with WildTrails

Excited for Jungle Safari? In the excitement and sometimes without having the proper knowledge we book resorts directly for the jungle safari without knowing the facts that are very important before booking the jungle safari. Somehow, you will search and find a suitable resort in the destination you want to visit and you will also get the jungle safari program with it.

This is probably a cheaper way to book the jungle safari. But what is your priority? Is it a good resort and then jungle safari or Is it superb wildlife sightings and then a  good stay? 

Do you know that booking directly can be good for a comfortable stay but not for the jungle safari?

I am not saying that you don’t need a good and comfortable stay for the jungle safari but booking your resort first and then jungle safari can lead to many safari disadvantages. 

Booking resorts directly will definitely arrange a jungle safari for you but it won’t be a jungle safari with the experience that you will cherish later. It would be like a long drive with forest sightseeing instead of wildlife sightings. The national parks in India consist of so many zones, and the wildlife sightings depend on the zone you are visiting. The resort will send you for the jungle safari to the nearest zone but what is the proof that the zone you are visiting has a good wildlife sighting? 

At jungle safari, you can spend your entire day just driving in and out of the park. But do you want to spend that hefty amount just for driving, no right? You want to see the wildlife too and that is your foremost priority. Sometimes the luxury of the resort may appeal you but its location can leave an equal pain while doing the safari. WildTrails make sure that that the park is accessible from the place you are staying.

Do you know that for good wildlife sightings the first priority should be the information about the zone, information about the sightings index and a trusted tiger tracker expert and then accommodation? 

Booking a wildlife holiday is not like a regular holiday, where we book the resort for some particular destination and then enjoy the activities associated with the resort. Booking a wildlife holiday needs proper research. Whether you are a passionate wildlife lover or quiet admirer, it is always recommended doing enough research before you head to the jungle safari. 

Why book with WildTrails?

  • Firstly this is because Wildtrails know the best order to save you zigging and zagging over here and there. 
  • Secondly, Wildtrails has sighting information from across all the parks. 
  • Thirdly Wildtrails uses their contact with the best tiger tracker expert associated with the particular zone of the park.

Let’s understand this in detail to clear all your doubts

Our team consists of the wildlife specialists with extensive knowledge to design wildlife journeys for you, at the right part and at the right time. We are wildlife experts who know the priority of the customers and each wildlife holiday package will be designed in order to make it one of the most beautiful experiences for you. As I have mentioned before that for a good wildlife holiday we should have good information about the zones with a trusted tiger tracker expert associated with that zone and then accommodation.

Talking about the zones, Wildtrails have the sightings index collected from the last 4 years about each National park in India with all the Tiger Sighting Index which gives an idea about: Which wildlife sanctuary, Which gate and Where good sightings are happening? You can check the WildTrails Sightings Index by installing the WildTrails app or by checking the WildTrails website.

Then comes the expert tiger tracker:

Do you know that you can visit only one zone during one safari and the guide should be associated with that particular zone only? While going for the jungle safari you might be wondering if you are actually going to see tiger, beers or nothing? 

Here you need to know that at WildTrails, we work with an extensive network of Experts Tiger Trackers across all the National Parks in India, who will be going to guide you through your jungle safari.

So, instead of limiting yourself to few animals, we will make sure to provide you the best and trusted tiger tracker expert who is knowledgeable and well-equipped with who, what, when, why, and how of every animal and bird in that jungle so that you will be at the right place and at the right time for the best wildlife sightings.  

At last Accommodation :

So instead of booking a resort first, it should be the last option on your list. Any resort which is close to a particular safari zone will be distant away from the other safari zone. 

Here, WildTrails will make sure to book the resort for you near your safari zones according to the budget provided by you. WildTrails will help you to book the resort according to your budget near the zone which will help you to minimize your travel time so that you will be able to spend the most amount of time on safari drives. 

Not only will you be privy to great wildlife travel tips and insights but we at WildTrails will always be with you from the day of contact until the end of the trip. We will always be there all the time answering your every query, guiding you what to do and what not. 

Remember that our WildTrails experts will be just a call away for your help! Good luck with your planning and booking wildlife safaris, and don’t hesitate to get in touch for wildlife expert advice and quotes. 

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With 4 years of Sightings data + Extensive expert tracker network in jungles, our customers had the best wildlife experiences.

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