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Where can we see black panthers in India?

black panthers in india

Where can we see black panthers in India?

Black panthers in India (or in general) are actually leopards and are not any separate species but melanistic variation of the common Leopard. Thus where ever there is a natural range of Leopards there is a slight possibility of a Black leopard being there but are rare.

[Cover picture – Sreedhar Nagaraj]

black panther kabini

Black Panthers in India

Today we can get to see them in

  1. Kabini Nagarhole National Park (Approx. 240 kms from Bangalore)
  2. Dandeli Anshi Tiger Reserve  (Approx. 410 kms from Bangalore)
  3. Bhadra Wildlife Sanctuary (Approx. 275 kms from Bangalore) and
  4. Sharavathi Wildlife Sanctuary (Approx. 420 kms from Bangalore)

Kabini and Dandeli are more frequent than the other (w.r.t sightings). If you go by safari sightings, Kabini rules and if you go by camera trap sightings Dandeli-Anshi rules.

Black Panther Kabini

[**I was lucky enough to see twice in my last three trips to Kabini]

Jungle Safaris are available for all the four locations. To know in which sanctuary and what all dates and how frequently they are sighted, download wildtrails india app, go to Sighting Details grid and list all black panther sightings.


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