In Search Of Mataram Tigress- Pench National Park
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In Search Of Mataram Tigress- Pench National Park

The news of Mataram aka known as Collarwali delivering her 8th litter came in news in last January and it was a treat for all the wildlife lovers and enthusiasts to know this. Hearing this I too got excited. On the day of the tiger census, a big photo of Mataram was featured in a newspaper which was very fascinating to watch. 

This made me more kneen to see the tigress. The day passed and finally, the day came when we went in for the search of Mataram. 
We reached the park by 6:00 a.m. that morning as we wanted to get the first gypsy and enter the park first. After all the formalities were completed we started our journey. As we started moving deep inside the excitement was increasing gradually. I asked the guide about what was her last evening movement so we can track her accordingly. The search began we started checking all possible places where she could be spotted.

After some time we decided to wait at a place and what we heard can never ever define that feeling a call from spotted deer. He was calling continuously defining that the tiger was moving. 
Time passed and the call started to get shorter and then they stopped. “Sir ek bar wo wali side check kartay” my guide told we followed what he was advising us.

After checking the other place we headed towards the same place before but what we saw was four gypsies looking keenly at something and my guide yelled “woh dekho sir woh chal rahi uskay bacho k sath”. 

Yes! we finally witnessed the legend walking on the road fearlessly with her cubs. And that 1 hour of beautiful sighting of Mataram made me realize why these beautiful creatures need to be saved. 


Author: Jay J Chordiya, a 19-year-old wildlife lover as well as a photographer. I am currently pursuing my B.Tech degree from VNIT, Nagpur.

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