The Indian Pitta A.K.A Navrang (Nine Coloured Bird), An extremely attractive and colourful bird.

The Indian Pitta

The Indian Pitta

The Indian Pitta A.K.A Navrang (Nine Coloured Bird) 
An extremely attractive and colorful bird. The Indian Pitta’s are mostly seen in the southern regions of the Indian Sub Continent during the Winters. They spend the summers in the northern and North-eastern parts of India. 
Although Pittas are tropical birds, they are migratory, not to escape harsh winters but to exploit the long days and plentiful insects of the higher latitudes’ summers.

Extremely shy dwellers of the ground cover in thickly covered forests, they are often seen foraging for insects & snails in ground litter. It sure makes it challenging to find them in the open and more so behave comfortably at the sight of a human trying to approach it. 

The name ‘Pitta’ in Telugu means a Small Bird. The Pitta’s local names are based on its colors, their behavior, their call or even the time of their call. Due to their brilliant plumage, they are also called the Jewel thrushes.

One can be named based on their appearance but its the Character that defines one’s Personality – Sanket Reddy

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