The Kabini River Lodges, now at affordable Prices!!
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JLR’s most popular & most expensive property, the Kabini River Lodges, now at affordable Prices!!

JLR’s Kabini property is one of the most premiere properties of JLR & is the most sought after property [and is located in the southern nagarhole Forest on the banks of river Kabini/Kapila close to the Kabini Dams in the state of Karnataka and very popularly known as Kabini Forest]. There is hardly anytime when rooms are vacant, be it weekdays or weekends or be it even during monsoons.

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The property is just amazing and right on the banks of the river Kapila. This is where all the safari jeeps, vans and canters start. This is the heaven and the watering hole for all the Wildlife lovers & photographers – the best jungle in the south, the most popular jungle in the south and the most visited one in the south, the leopard lair (has the highest density of leopards across India), home of the black beauty which regularly shows up to the delight of the safari  travelers and probably the most photographed cat of the south (off-lately)

kabini safari

All things about this jungle is just too good to believe but here comes the not-so-good news about the park – the resorts around it which offers 2.5hr-3hr safari are very pricey and for a reason too – be it Kabini JLR, or Waterwoods or The Serai or The Orange County or the Kaav or the Bison and it is out of reach for the common man.

The least expensive of the package which includes two safaris, stay, all meals, snacks and taxes,  costs approx. 15,000 for two during weekdays and approx. 17,000 during holidays and weekends. [There are people who told who am I kidding to some who told is this designed only for westerners and to some who said am I joking and many such comments]

Pretty steep price. Worse if you are alone and want to visit Kabini as it probably costs 10.5K for a night stay with Safaris.

Understanding this, and with an intention to serve those who cannot afford the high prices, JLR has come out with a 10-bed dormitory in the same resort with a costing around Rs.5000 per person per night with all meals and taxes  but unfortunately with a catch. Only one safari and that too boat safari and NO land safari (jeep or canter)

Kabini Dormitory

Land Safari is available subject to availability but costs extra. See below for the complete details and costing.


Costing and Details

10-bed Dormitory

Rs.5060 per night per person (Indian Nationals), Rs 5944 for foreigners

Inclusive of all meals, taxes and one Boat Safari (either in the morning or in the evening)

Land Safari (subject to availability) costs extra – Rs.1,840/- is the safari charge for Indian National and it is Rs.2,290/- for Foreign National.

[If you want to book the same, do download WildTrails India mobile App right away]

WildTrails of India App

“WildTrails India”s Take

If you are keen on Land Safari and Wildlife photography, it is better to get a partner and book one of the regular accommodations rather than dormitory as it costs almost the same during weekdays (13,800 in dormitory versus 15,192 in tented cottages for two for one night).

We see a considerable savings during weekends by using dormitory but we doubt that dormitory residents will have an opportunity for the land safari during weekends as most of the regular accommodations will be full and there is a limit for number of jeeps that can enter the forest (13 as of today – oct 2016).

We also feel that if you like to travel solo and prefer weekdays (less crowded and sort of serene atmosphere), we think dormitory will work out best for you (as it costs rs. 5060 + optional land safari will together cost 6900 versus 10,600 – a total savings of 3700/-)

If you love the resort and if you ok with just the boat safari just take Dormitory

If you are a big gang and just going there to enjoy the resort and the forest take the Dormitory

BUT if you are serious about photography and you say land Safari is a MUST and if you are a gang of two or more, just take for the regular accommodations and ideally book as early as possible and get the tented cottages.


Further Info:

If you need more info on how to book Kabini accommodation and safari, send us an email to  or call us any time on +918030178142 or WhatsApp us @ +919901175444



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PS: Please be a responsible wildlife tourist; No littering, No sounds, No feeding, no getting down from the safari jeep (when on safari), No phone calls. Remember that we are visiting their home and when we are there, let’s follow their rules.

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