Munna – The Pride of Kanha National Park
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Munna – The Pride of Kanha National Park

Munna – The Pride of Kanha National Park

The ruler of Kanha National Park who lasted for more than 2 decades, Munna left for the land of immortality on March 7. The average lifespan of tigers is 8-10 years; however, it is reported that Munna ruled the jungle for close to 19 years. Further, it was informed that Munna stopped eating since 2nd of March. Popularly known as the ‘King of Kanha’ or ‘The Apex Predator’ Munna was quite familiar with the tourists for a long time as he would sit right beside your jeep with no intention to harm. The T-17 was once injured his rear foot in a territorial fight and that is when he started limping as per the local guides.

Munna got the popularity back when he was muscly and used to defend his territory with ease. He was the lone ranger who used to attack and sometimes kill other tigers and their cubs for survival. Moreover, he used to attack humans since his territory fell in the buffer zone. The conflicts were not with tigers alone, Munna was assaulted for human-tiger conflicts as there were reports that a lot of tourists were killed back then. Such was the rage of the big cat.


Munna Tiger of Kanha


As per the forest officials, Munna is no doubt the Rockstar of Kanha National Park as he is the sole reason making the national park famous. ‘Munna, my favorite from Kanha National Park, was the ruling cat for most part of the 19 years that he walked in the jungles of Kanha’ describes Gopinath Kollur – a freelance photographer and a regular visitor to Kanha National Park. He further states in one of his social media posts ‘Remarkably familiar to us as tourists invading his zone, he was much photographed and loved by us all. The daring cat that he was’.

While there are a lot of emerging warriors around in due time, Kanha National Park will never be the same without Munna. For the tourists who knew about Munna, would always have a special place in their hearts.

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