Safari Zones At Ranthambore National Park
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Safari Zones At Ranthambore National Park

Safari Zones At Ranthambore National Park

Groove into the toughest terrain through the woods of Ranthambore National Park to know what exactly a wildlife safari means. A safari in Ranthambore National Park will always be in the bucket list of every wildlife enthusiast. With over 10 gates to explore here, we would like to help you know the different safari zones at Ranthambore National Park.

Ranthambore National Park is in Sawai Madhopur district of Rajasthan. The place is attaining fame because of the amazing super luxurious resorts with unique ambience, most of which are in and around Ranthambore. The way these properties are designed, make the place a major attraction beside the safari in one of the prestigious national parks in India.


Flora and Fauna Of Ranthambore :

There are quite a number of water reservoirs to support a variety of flora and fauna in the forest reserve. More than 300 species of plants are discovered here. This place receives very scanty rainfalls and so the vegetation in the park mainly comprises the dry deciduous type. Banyan trees and peepal trees are most seen here.

Royal Bengal tiger is among the wildlife explorers’ quench to sight in the woods. The leopard comes next. Nilgai, wild boar, sambar, striped hyena, sloth bear, southern plains gray langur, rhesus macaque, mugger crocodile chital are among few of the many to explore. The jungle is home to a wide variety of trees, plants, birds, and reptiles.

Animals In Ranthambore


Safari Zones In Ranthambore

The forest reserve is so vast that the safari region is divided into 10 zones.  They are named Zone 1, up to Zone 10.


Zone 1

The entry point here at zone 1 is known as Singhdwar. It passes through Tuti Ka Nala, Dhoop Chowk, Sultanpur Chowki, Khariya, KalaPeela Pani.

Popular Tigers – T39 and cubs, T57


Zone 2

The zones covers Jogi Mahal, Bada Gate, Jhalra, Parniya, Nal Ghati(Kamaldhar),Amrahi,Telan Pacheri, Phuta Bandha, Rishi Ka Deh,Pandu Deh, Phuta Kot, Lahpur Tiraha, Gaandra Deh,Guda Chowki. Jogi Mahal, Nal Ghati, Phuta Bandha, Lahpur Tiraha, Phuta Kot, Guda.

Common sighting places here at Zone 2 are Jogi Mahal, Nal Ghati, Phuta Bandha, Lahpur Tiraha, Phuta Kot, Guda.

Popular Tigers – T19 with cubs, T57, T28, T60, T39

Tigers Of Ranthambore

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Zone 3

The important point at Zone 3 are Padam Talab, Rajbagh lake, Rajbagh platform, Rajbagh boring, Kadam Khandi,Doodh Baawri,Mandook, High Point, Tapman Nalah, Karonj Ka Nalah

Populari Tigers – T25, T28, T64, T19 with cubs, T64, T75, T41


Zone 4

Zone 4 starts atSingh Dwar, and goes on covering Gular Kui, Tamba Khan, Malik Talab, Lakkad Da, Magar De, Mendki De, Baba KI Gufa, Aadi Dant, Aadi Dagar, Berda, Bhanwarde, Semli, Bhoot Khurra, Lambi Ka Nalah.

Popular Tigers – T25, T28, T64, T19 with cubs, T64, T75, T41


Zone 5

Zone 5 covers Singh Dwar, Gular Kui, Tamba Khan, Jokha, Takiya Kui, Pili Ghati, Kachida, Dhakda, Bagdah Tiraha, Anatpura, Bakola.

Popular Tigers – T28, T25, T41, T64, T73, T74 & T75

Tigers Of Ranthambore


Zone 6

Important sighting points at Zone 6 include Soleshwar, Khabli, Saran Ka Pattha, Patwa Ki Baori, Kala Pani.

Popular Tigers – T39, T57, T34, T8. Good sloth beer & Leopard.

Places To Visit Near Ranthambore


Zone 7

Popular sightings here are T34, T58 & T8. This zone is less popular compared to other zones, but you never know! Sightings are indeed tough to forecast.


Zone 8

T58 & T61 with cubs are the popular sightings here.

Best Resorts In Ranthambore


Zone 9

Zone 9 is in Phaloudi Range. Qual Ji game reserve is 45-minute drive from Ranthambore Tiger Reserve. A conservancy that is comparatively small on the banks of Chakal river.

Popular Tigers- T42, T59, Caracal.


Zone 10

The hilly track with a good amount of water bodies is a great birding destination, here at Zone 10, especially in winters. Zone 10 is also called as Aantri is a recent addition to the safari routes.

Popular Tigers – T13 and her cubs, T43,. T42.



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The post pandemic has already begun and is a big time to explore the woods of Ranthambore. The big paws were missing the homo sapiens for a long time and this is the best time to cheer them up. We have now helped you know the zones of Ranthambore National Park, it is time to pack your bags and head over to the best zone of Ranthambore for a safari drive. Head over to our portal for the best deals on resorts and safari drives.


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