Safaris in North India vs South India vs Central India , Explained !
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Safaris of India Explained!! How it varies from South to Central to North

Indian Safaris explained

The jungles of India provide us with ample choices when one wants to explore the beauty and calmness of the jungle. From the bamboos of Tadoba and the grasslands of Kanha, to the mountains of Corbett, India has it all.

To enjoy the jungle and its beauty and also to witness the flora and fauna of particular regions, state governments of those regions have provided jungle lovers with an opportunity to explore the jungle in a unique way. The way is to book gypsies (safaris) which take you into the heart of the jungle and make you witness the real and raw beauty of the jungle. And what makes it unique is the beauty is untouched till some extent.

The way safaris are done and the process to book a safari varies from region to region. 

Safaris in South

The jungle safaris in the south, say the one in Nagarhole or Bandipur National Park are completely different. There you are provided with a shared jeep (where your group shares the jeep with other people but maximum seating is limited to 7 per jeep), when you book your stay at government run resorts. You are provided with canters (big vans) if you stay at any private resorts. In Canters you need to share your safari with around 20 people and the comfort level is low in canter when compared with a gypsy/jeep. In a gypsy/jeep you have the freedom, and opportunities, especially, for the photographers are very good as the comfort level is good.

Safaris in Central and North India

Things work very differently in Central as well as in North India. Examples of parks of central & north India are Tadoba, Ranthambore, Kanha, Pench, Ranthambore, Sariska and many more. In these parks one has the freedom to book safari by self and there isn’t any obligation of staying at government owned resorts only to get a gypsy for a safari. In these parks it’s all upon the tourist and his/her choice. Here you can book either a gypsy or a canter and the gypsy need not be shared as you can book an exclusive gypsy for yourself, be it just for you or just for your group (max 6 people per gypsy). 

Safaris in Jim Corbett (an exception)

In north Indian parks, Jim Corbett serves as an exception. There if the tourists stay at the forest rest house (FRH) then they don’t need to book safari separately (like the South). These FRHs are under the control of the state government of that particular state. But there is restriction on the number of days a tourist can stay at the forest rest houses. 

Duration difference in safaris

Another big difference between South Indian safaris and say north and central indian safaris is that, in south one can do max 3.5 hours safari twice a day while in north and central india, one can do not only 2 safaris per day (morning and evening), each is approx 4 hrs, but also full day safari from dawn to dusk (as in African Safaris) and also these full day safaris are zone free and gives maximum flexibility for tourists to spot the tigers and other animals.

Difficulties in booking Safaris

In the parks of India tourists can face some difficulties while booking the safaris. These difficulties can be in finding the right gate for the safari as a single park is divided into many zones and different gates are there for exploring the zones.

Generally people who are new to this find some difficulty in: how to book safaris? How to plan safaris? Many individuals try to get help from the locals there like guides and resort owners etc. In addition to this there are some organizations such as WildTrails to help with these problems.

Why organizations such as WildTrails?

 To keep their users updated with the latest sightings updated all over India and also organize tours all over India. Such types of organizations prove to be very helpful for such people who don’t have any prior knowledge and need help.

The benefit tourists get when they try to book their tours from WildTrails is that there are experts who are in the work of arranging such tours for the people. These people can very well guide the people who are new to this and make them enjoy their trips to the fullest. The dilemma of choosing the right gate, a good resort and many other things is solved by such organizations as they provide end to end hassle free safari trips planning as well as their booking site provides complete transparent costs as far as packages are concerned. That way you can book the package that suits you and your budget.

Another benefit of booking with WildTrails is that you get an Expert Tiger Tracker to accompany you in the safaris. These are local people who knows the forest at the back of their hand and their skills are extremely important to experience the tracking of a tiger – from sounds to pugmarks to alarm calls to knowledge of where they were a day before to their smells to their hidden prey  to water holes etc, everything is brought to the fore to help you track the tiger. Not just helping you sight the tiger but their intimate knowledge of where each tiger walks and in which direction and which tiger owns which territory and which tigress has cubs etc makes a huge difference in the quality of sightings. Highly recommended that you go with such a tracker who makes a day and a night difference between an amazing safari experience to a dull and a boring one.

All in all, the jungle is always an exciting place to visit which has something new to offer whenever one visits it. Full of surprises, enthusiasm, and a packet of happiness, the jungle is a place one should visit to explore nature and its beauty.

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