Save Tigers : the largest of cats and the third largest carnivore on land.

Save Tiger

Save Tigers

Save Tiger

The largest of cats that walk our planet and are the third largest carnivore on land. 
Did you know that every tiger has a unique stripe pattern? No two tigers share the same stripe pattern just like our fingerprint. 
So why do we see such intense efforts to save the Tiger? Is it because they are more important than the other animals in the forest? Is it because the Tiger is our national animal? Or is it simply because they are more famous and draw easy attention? 

Tigers sure do take away a fair share of all conservation efforts in comparison to any other species that needs equally or maybe even more urgent protection too but it is justified by experts. 

Tigers are a key species & are integral to the health of the ecosystem in which they live. As apex predators, they keep prey species under control. This protects the vegetation which in turn maintains the integrity of streams, forests, and croplands that provide people around the world with clean air, water, food, and financial benefits. 
When we protect tigers, we protect ourselves.

Nevertheless, the beauty of forests lies in more than just Tigers. Every being that dwells in there is worth protecting & deserves a chance for survival. A forest sure isn’t complete without a Tiger but it can’t be called a forest with just a Tiger in it. 

Every being has a reason for existence, has a role to play and invariably play their part which is crucial in keeping balance – Sanket Reddy

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