Distance Between Tadoba Safari Gates
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Distance Between Tadoba Safari Gates

This article depicts about the safari gates of Tadoba & also the distance between them. Tadoba tiger reserve / national park is in the state of Maharashtra and is referred as the jewel of Vidharba. Planning a Tadoba trip gets sometimes daunting as there are 12 entry gates and all are pretty far from each other (see below table).

One of the common complaints we get is that customers book multiple safaris and they feel it is good to try different safari gates for a different session just to increase their odds of sighting a tiger. On the books, it seems like a well-calculated plan but in reality, it won’t work that way.

Tadoba Safari Gates Distance between them:

Below table suggests the approx. Distance between gates in Kms

Please note that it’s not possible to cover all gates. Gates are at a distance of 30 to 100 kms. Most of the forest is accessible from all the entry gates, But the travel time will vary from entry gate to a particular point in the forest.

e.g. You can reach Panderpauni within 15 mins from Kolara gate. But it will take 50 mins to reach Panderpauni from Moharli gate. Similarly for other parts of the forest.

Telia lake area can be reached in 10 mins from Moharli gate. But will take 45 mins from Kolara gate to reach Telia lake.

So don’t underestimate the duration to cover these distances. It will be prudent to book all safaris at a single gate and also book accommodation.

Check the recent sighting information (session to session, day to day, weekly) of Tadoba National Park and across all national parks & tiger reserves here. WildTrails compile all these important data of all mammals, reptiles, birds and calculate what we call historic and predictive sighting index which helps the wildlife lovers to pick the park and zones based on the sightings.

PS: Please be a responsible wildlife tourist;

  • No littering
  • No sounds
  • No feeding
  • No getting down from the safari jeep (when on safari)
  • No phone calls.

Remember that we are visiting their home and when we are there, let’s follow their rules.

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  1. How should one can plan multiple safaries with multiple gates. I am planning for 4 safarie in 2 days. My hotel is in moharli. Should i plan all safaries in moharli gate only?

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