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Tadoba Safari Tariff across gates

Tadoba Safari Tariff

The article below nicely depicts in a table format the Tadoba Safari Tariff across all entry gates. There are a dozen safari gates in total for Tadoba National Park. Please note only Zone gates (aka buffer) gates allow spot booking for a few gypsies and in that case, you can knock off Rs35 from the Online Forest Entry fees as it is actually online charge.

Tadoba Safari Tariff includes the forest entry charges, online fee, Gypsy charges which you need to pay at the entrance gate and also mandatory guide fee which again needs to be paid at the entrance on the day of the safari. Please note that the Tadoba  Safari tariff is for max 6 people but you end up paying the same even if you book the safari for 1 or 2 or any number less than 6 people also.

Tadoba Safari Tariff Table:

(We removed the rates as those were probably 3 years old and rates have now increased so much now we dare not put the price here)

Safari GateSlotDurationTariffMaximum People Allowed
Moharli (Mohurli)Morning & Evening4 hrs6
KhutvandaMorning & Evening4 hrs6
KolaraMorning & Evening4 hrs6
NavegaonMorning & Evening4 hrs6
PangdiMorning & Evening4 hrs6
Zari (Kolsa)Morning & Evening4 hrs6
Agarzari ZoneMorning & Evening4 hrs6
Devada Adegaon Agarzari ZoneMorning & Evening4 hrs6
 Junona Zone Morning & Evening 4 hrs6
 Kolara Zone Morning & Evening 4 hrs6
 Ramdegi – Navegaon Zone Morning & Evening 4 hrs6
Alizanza ZoneMorning & Evening4 hrs6

Tadoba Safari Tariff Notes and Tips:

A. Please note that max six adults are allowed in a Gypsy; Children above 10 years (as long as you cannot put them on your lap) are considered as an adult as far as calculating occupant number is considered for the Gypsy

B. Ideally 4 will be perfect for a Gypsy and we recommend 4 per Gypsy. 4 can sit comfortably

C. Once you book the ticket online, you cannot add or delete or modify the occupants if the safari date is less than 30 days from today (if more than 30 days, you can add/modify but there is a penalty attached to it – contact us with your request – see below for contact coordinates

D. Once booked, you cannot cancel the safari booking nor get refunds

E. You need to enter exact name, exact ID, ID# – if there is any discrepancy, Forest Dept. will cancel the permit at the gate and always carry original ID that you mentioned in the booking

F. BTW the drivers and the guides are real hardworking people over there and represent the real local community and whose help, involvement is critical in saving the forest and the tigers. They try very hard and tirelessly, to help you sight a tiger. They work  with no vacations and no weekends – work every day of the year. If you really like their service, do tip them generously.

G. We recommend Rs50 to Rs100 to Rs150 per gypsy traveler as tips for the Driver and the Guide with a Max of Rs1000 per trip – this is just a recommend tip and there is no prescribed min or max.

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PS: Please be a responsible wildlife tourist; No littering, No sounds, No feeding, no getting down from the safari jeep (when on safari), No phone calls. Remember that we are visiting their home and when we are there, let’s follow their rules.

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