Tadoba- The Land Of Tigers and Memories by Vivian George

Tadoba- The Land Of Tigers and Memories

Tadoba- The Land Of Tigers and Memories

Isn’t this the best time of life, when you get to be bold enough to put on a show despite of the dangers the world puts for you because you know you have that one person who would take all of it, just for you without a second thought.

Your Mother. Here, the sub adult cub yawning in front of a dozens of gypsies, bold enough to be not worried despite a failed hunting attempt, for her mother will make sure they don’t sleep empty stomach at the end of the day. But come tomorrow, nobody knows what the future holds for this cub when the time will come to depart ways and finally step into the fierce world which has already put forth immense pressure and competition given the number of males already up fighting to gain dominance, to wear the crown of the King in the Great lands of Tadoba which upholds the history of many yet great Tigers whose stories still echoes from the mountains to the meadows deep down to the roots of the trees that has seen those times.

Ultimate pleasure to share one of my greatest experiences that I will cherish forever and after. 

Incredible Tadoba.

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WildTrails Notes : One of the largest and oldest national park,  which has endless treasure of large number of species of trees & plants and wildlife like Panthers, Tigers, Hyenas, Sloth Bears, Wild Dogs, Jackals, Barking Deer, Bison, Sambar, Herd of Deer to name a few. 

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