Tadoba Tiger Sightings and Tadoba Gates
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Tadoba Tiger Sightings and Tadoba Gates

“Tadoba” this name is always fascinating to hear for a wildlife lover or for the one who is attracted to the jungle. Tadoba is the land of one of the most famous tigers in India as this is the land where the famous “Teliya Sisters” have their residence. Also one of the largest tiger named “Wagdoh” also has
inhabited here. And the legendary tigress “Maya” the queen of Tadoba also resides here. Adding to this some famous names such as Matkasur, Gabbar, Madhuri and many more have made Tadoba what it is now.

Telia Sisters

Whenever someone plans a trip to Tadoba or for that matter any park there is a lot of confusion for anyone while choosing a gate to do safari as Tadoba has 18 gates. Everybody planning a trip wants to see the majestic creature in the wild.

A tiger reserve or a national park is always divided into two zones one is buffer and the other one is core. And for making the most of your visit it is always advisable to try to visit the core zone.

Tadoba has 6 core zones which consist of Moharli, Kolara, Pangdi, Zari, Navegaon, Khutwanda. All these are the core zones of Tadoba and the possibility of sighting a tiger and other wildlife is good enough as compared to other zones (Buffer) as the word defines itself “core” that means in the heart of the jungle and that is where the wildlife lives.

There are around 12 buffer zones in Tadoba. And some of the gates where we can have a fairly good chance of tiger sighting as compared to others are Alizanza, Agarzari, Sirkada, Madnapur. It is because in these zones some of the female tigresses are having cubs and there is a high chance of sighting a tiger in such a situation as a mother will stay with her cubs till 2-2.5 years in the same area as it is a natural behavior of these species.

But sighting a tiger or for that matter, any other wildlife is all about your luck as nothing can be guaranteed. Even if you are visiting a core zone too. So it is always advisable to have patience and always try your luck because nature is always unpredictable.

Overall a trip to Tadoba is always remembered for something special as Tadoba has always something new to offer.

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