The Enchanting Nagarhole!!
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The Enchanting Nagarhole!!

Nagarhole Wildtrails of india

Welcome to Nagarhole National Park !!

Nagarahole is named after Nagarahole (Cobra river in the local language, Kannada), a winding river which runs eastwards through its centre. Situated in the districts of Mysore and Kodagu (Coorg) in the state of Karnataka.

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The birth of Nagarahole National Park can be traced to the notification of 285 Sq. km. Game Reserve way back in 1955, which included the reserve forests of Arkeri, Hatgat and Nalkeri in Kodagu. Subsequently, in 1974, reserved forests from the adjoining Mysore district were added to the Nagarahole Game Reserve, which was upgraded to the status of a National Park covering 643 sq. km.

Nagarhole National Park is located 50 km (31 ml) from city of Mysore. The park stretches at the foothills of the Western Ghats spreading down the Brahmagiri hills and south towards Kerala state. River Kabini separates the Nagarhole National Park from the Bandipur National Park. Lakshmana and Teentha rivers flow nearby the Nagarhole National Park and the entire park area is enveloped in greenery and flora with waterfalls adding to its beauty truly makes the Nagarhole National Park a beautiful habitat for wildlife animals.

It has two major areas (gates) where forest department conduct Safaris and also where majority resorts are situated. One is near the Antharasanthe in Mysore District (Red Earth is very close to this gate) and other is near Kutta (or Hunsur)  in Coorg district. Both the gates are separated by approximately 50kms (approx one hour drive).

nagarhole wildtrails of india

In the Mysore district part of the park, on the banks of River Kabini, there are many excellent world class resorts and of which Red Earth is one of them. Forest department conducts safari from the Antharasanthe gate and the reception in the Red Earth can help you arrange for it.

Also the Mysore side of the Nagarhole is one of the top 5 leopard sighting regions in India. The high density of leopards and frequent sighting has made Nagarhole the Leopard Lair!!

WildTrails of India

Some of the animals and birds you get to see there are


Tiger, Gaur, Elephant, Wild dogs (Dholes), Sloth bears, Chital (Spotted Deer), Sambar Deer, Leopards, Jackals, Wild boars, Mouse Deer, Barking Deer, Mongoose etc.


Oriental white-backed vulture, greater spotted eagle, Nilgiri wood-pigeon, darters, oriental white ibis, greater grey headed fish eagle, red headed vulture, blue winged parakeet, Malabar grey hornbill, white bellied treepie, white cheeked barbet, Indian scimitar babbler, Malabar whistling thrush, painted bush quail, Sirkeer malkhoa, ashy prinia, Indian robin, Indian peafowl, yellow legged green pigeon


Mugger, Common vine snake, common wolf snake, rat snake, bamboo pit viper, Russell’s viper, common krait, Indian rock python, Indian monitor lizard, common toad

Animal Densities:

Area in sq.KmsTiger CountTiger DensityLeopard CountLeopard DensityElephant CountElephant Density

Best Season to visit the Park:
October to May

Park Status: National Park, Wildlife Sanctuary, Tiger Reserve, Elephant Reserve

Other Names: Rajiv Gandhi National Park

Attached Resorts:

Kabini Mysore: Orange County Resort, The Bison, Red Earth Resort, Waterwoods Lodge and Resorts, Kaav Safari Lodge, The Serai Kabini, Kabini River Lodges – Jungle Lodges, Kabini Springs & The Peepal Tree.

Coorg Side: King’s Sanctuary, Jungle Inn, Maachan, etc.

Please note that not all resorts arrange Safari for you and you need to be very careful on what you pick and what is the objective of the trip. Our App provides details on what resort provides Safari and what don’t and lot more.

I have booked my trip to Kabini Nagarhole starting tomorrow for a couple of days at the ******** resort hoping to catch the safari there. After booking I realized that the hotel does not arrange for the safari and you have to go thru the forest dept and its on a first come first serve basis. I have two kids who are so excited for this trip only to go for the safari. I really don’t want to disappoint them. Is there any way of making sure that I can get the safari on either of the days?” – Aggrieved Visitor

Safari Details via Forest Department:

Safari is open all days including weekends and all holidays but will be cancelled only during bad rainy days. Please note that there is no way to book ahead/reserve safari but you have to be there by the times mentioned below and it is always first come first serve.
Safari Timings: Morning: 6 to 7am,  7 to 8am, & 8 to 9am and in Evening: 3 to 4pm, 4 to 5pm, & 5 to 6pm.
Duration: approx. 1 hour. 
Charges for Indian Nationals and Indian permanent residents (holders of such permits), RS 300 per person. Slightly higher for visiting foreign nationals.

To get complete details of Safari, timings, location, cost and info related to booking please download our app or send us an inquiry:

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Safari usually starts at the Antharsanthe Gate (State Highway 33, Manchegowdanahalli, Karnataka 571114 —  12.007882, 76.248746) near the Kabini Gate (Mysore) and inside the park near Hunsur or Kutta at the Coorg Side (Nalkeri Forest, Karnataka12.052544, 76.101750)
If you still need to talk to them for any reason, feel free to contact them @ +919980336684 for Forest Department @ Kabini, Mysore and @ +918222252041 for the Coorg Counterpart.


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PS: Please be a responsible wildlife tourist; No littering, No sounds, No feeding, no getting down from the safari jeep (when on safari), No phone calls. Remember that we are visiting their home and when we are there, let’s follow their rules.

[The WildTrails of India is the best way to get all the details about Indian wildlife sanctuaries (best travel times, safari details, animal sightings, forest accommodations pairing, wildlife related activities, prices, etc). Learn more about WildTrails of India here. ios App is here. Android and Web is on the way ]


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