Mr. Solo | The Ghost ! A chase to get one glimpse of this Beast | by clicknframe
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Mr. Solo | The Ghost

Spotting leopards are quite dramatic, especially in the woods of Central India, Where they coexist in such an arena which is spread out with much superior big cats : Tiger. They tend to get so camouflaged that gaining an instinct of their visual does turn out to be pretty much hard and smart.

Well the case I have to offer is quite lagged up. From a personal perspective, Tracking a big cat and finally achieving it after quite a long while, Yes the wait has been absolutely long and things turned out to be fruitful recently. But I got to admit, the routines has crazily been worth it. As usual wont be revealing his ID nor location.

Gearing up & heading to his premises. Doing case study & Knowing on the true fact that he is really bold and daring, I made sure I always did invest time on healthy encounters with this stealth king. Though he’s been spotted couple of times, This one stare would stay close to my heart for sure. Each and every trail done in search of this charm, Wrong assumptions & Predictions made on field which ended up with mere misses. Well all these summed up to this close profile..!!

As said earlier, Doing “N” number of safaris in search of him, tracking him down and documenting him since he was a baby back then, first encounter was in 2017 end, with his bold mother. Well I Have been behind this charm for close to 1.5 years now and finally achieving a profile stare with those pale blue shades. Nothing can beat this moment in wild.

Wildlife is filled with surprises and unexpected happenings, I always tend to believe that Yes at one point of time, Mother Nature is definitely going to bless you with such an encounter that lasts long deep inside your personal space & thoughts. Have faith in your personal journey and things can turn out to be fruitful.

I don’t wish to get in to the technical aspect of this photograph, the visual is all yours and hope you do enjoy the charm and charisma he’s got to offer with this one stare. The image is purely a full frame shot at 600mm on a Canon 7D MII with Tamron G2 and a healthy encounter done close enough with out disturbing his privacy.

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