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The RIGHT & ONLY way to book Jungle Resorts and the Safari!!

How to Book the Right Jungle Resort and the Safari with full knowledge and with no hassles and all with just a single App on your Mobile?

The biggest issue in booking jungle resorts is too many variables (such as how far is the resort from the gate, from the safari point, how does the safari work, should I book safari separately, will resort take care of my safari, if not which one should I book first and lot more such queries) and confuses everyone and hence they do one of the three things – either give up their dream of a jungle resort & safari, or go to a travel agent who seems an expert there and shell out huge bucks or talk to one of your friends or friends of friends and take their advise and do the same mistake they did. All options have their own pitfalls and none of them are optimized. Worse google search hardly gives accurate info and worse it confuses more

(Here is the challenge: take a sanctuary that you are not familiar with try to book a safari and also a resort – all the same gate knowing very well how far are you from the gate – see whether you can do it and next how long it takes to do the same if at all you are successful)

To solve all of these issues elegantly try out WildTrails India App and follow the steps:

Step 1:

Download the App

WildTrails India app Appstore

(booking resorts is currently available only on iOS and android to follow soon)

Step 2:

Go to grid “Book Jungle Stay”

Book Jungle Stay WildTrails India App


Step 3:

Pick the Sanctuary that you want to go


[only 10 sanctuaries are supported and we are adding one by one and since we curate and verify each sanctuary and each resort closely, the process takes a bit longer but you can be rest assured that if a sanctuary and a resort makes it there, it has been thoroughly verified]

Step 4:

Pick the dates you want to go for the Sanctuary

Book Jungle Stay WildTrails India App


Step 5:

You will get a list of all resorts that are attached to this particular sanctuary which clearly explains how far is this resort from the Safari Point, where is the Safari point, how does Safari work if I book this resort, how far is this resort from the current location, which is the nearest airport and how far is the nearest airport from this resort and lot more details. (If Safari Details says that book the Safari first, please jump to Safari Details grid and look for this sanctuary and do exactly like what is told on how to book the safari)




          Book Jungle Stay WildTrails India App


Step 6:

Book the resort and save the voucher into your images. It also saves your bookings into the app under menu “My Bookings”. My Bookings not only has the booking details but it also has the lat-lng (geo location) of the resort and a click on it will navigate your car to the resort with no hassles. No need to call them or search for the exact address or location in google – it’s all there – just follow the map.

my bookings Wildtrails india app


Step 7:

And you are Done!!!



WildTrails (Tm) India App – “One Stop Destination for all Indian Wildlife Enthusiasts

PS: Please be a responsible wildlife tourist; No littering, No sounds, No feeding, no getting down from the safari jeep (when on safari), No phone calls. Remember that we are visiting their home and when we are there, let’s follow their rules.

[The WildTrails India App is the best way to get all the details about Indian wildlife sanctuaries (best travel times, safari details, animal sightings, forest accommodations pairing, wildlife related activities, prices, etc). Learn more about WildTrails of India here. ios App is here. Android is here, and Web is on the way. Please do like us on our facebook page here.]

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