Things you should do to make your child grow into ”Confident Adults”
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To make your kids grow into ”Confident Adults”, you have to do this as per the research.


Do you know that “A majority of children aged between 8-15 are happy being near the wildlife”? Our culture is taking outdoor activities away from the children. Unfortunately, today kids are constantly engaged in gaming or television and have a minimal connection to wildlife. Parents are so busy in their job that they don’t even have time to focus on the activities good for their kid. 

No matter how shy your child, or how much your child is engaged in online games, a good wildlife safari will help your kid to engage, enthuse and inspire.

University College London researchers found the overwhelming majority of children surveyed had learned something about the natural world, felt more confident and had better relationships with their classmates after spending time outdoors.

The academics surveyed 451 children in 12 areas across England before and after participating in activities run by a wildlife trust like identifying plants and trees, also interviewing teachers and Wildlife Trust educators.

Children all over the world grow up loving wildlife, but few gets to see it in the wild. Instead, their fascination with tiger, lion, elephant, and zebra is nurtured by The Lion King and visits to the local zoo.

But the question here is “What is your kid learning in this process”?  

Is it how to cage an animal? Children can see all the animals in one place, but the most important thing is learning. It is always cruel to cage wild animals for our entertainment – and even for education. 

What are the benefits of taking your kids on a wildlife trip? Why Wildlife safari is good for your kid?

Educating children about the importance of wildlife conservation through practical experience by taking them for the jungle safari is very important for children in many aspects.

1. There are many outdoor activities out there from trekking, cycling, games, etc but taking your child for a wildlife safari will not only help them to learn, but it would also help them to re-establish the connection with nature.

2. Spending time in the wild helps children to develop a personal connection with wildlife and to pursue their own passions. Contact with the wild improves children’s wellbeing, motivation, and confidence. 

3. Wildlife Safari not only makes your kid happier, but it can also lead to an increased sense of vitality. It has also been found that taking your kid for the jungle safari, close to nature, close to the wild can have a calming effect on the mind, ease depression, spark creativity and improve attention and focus.

4. One of the most rewarding aspects of taking kids on safari is how it stimulates their innate empathy towards wildlife. 

Wildlife is one of the things that characterize childhood. Take that childhood wonder and curiosity on safari, however, and you’ll see your loved ones utterly transfixed by their first wild encounters with priceless, unforgettable moments. By taking your kid to the wildlife safari you are not only helping your kid to grow in a confident adult but it also helps to enlighten them to something they could never quite grasp by only seeing it in a book. 

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