Trip to Bandhavgarh National Park and Bandhavgarh Fort

Trip to Bandhavgarh National Park and Bandhavgarh Fort

Bandhavgarh National Park

Trip to Bandhavgarh National Park and Bandhavgarh Fort

Bandhavgarh National Park and Bandhavgarh Fort- must-visit desitions in every wildlife lover’s bucket list. Bandhavgarh– the land of tigers and definitely the best escapade for all wildlife lovers. Taking a less taken route in the jungle and waiting for nature’s surprise is the best thing while going for the jungle safari. Tiger sightings and wildlife safari is one of the top things that people would love to do these days. Bandhavgarh National park is named due to the presence of the ancient fort in the hillock. 

The amazing forest of Bandhavgarh beholds a very good number of tigers and the park also comes in the list top 5 national parks known for its tiger sightings. At the height of 800 meters, the park has a very old fort known as “Bandhavgarh Fort. It is a small park with an area of 105 square kilometers available for visitors to explore.

Wildlife safari timing in Bandhavgarh national park is just like the other parks in the country. Timing for the entry and exit for wildlife safari varies according to the season.

Best Tiger sighting zones in Bandhavgarh: The Park has 3 main zones in the core area which are famous for the tiger sightings but here I would also like to suggest you that please there are chances that you might sight a tiger in the buffer zone also  and not in the core zone; It’s based on the tiger sightings and little on your luck. 

  1. Tala zone
  2. Magadhi zone &
  3. Khitauli zone

During the safari in the tala zone, you can visit some of the best habitats for wildlife photography. You will find some of the dominant tiger’s territory in Tala Zone. A good number of tigers are seen in Magadhi Zone as well. Here, I would like to recommend you to visit all the 3 zones for maximizing your chances of tiger sightings.

As per the recent tiger sighting, tala zone is more popular. This zone was earlier declared as a prime zone by the forest department.

Magadhi Zone is a large area with beautiful grasslands and dense forest cover. So for spotting tigers, Tala and Magadhi Zone are mostly recommended.

Tiger sighting is expected in the Khitauli zone also. Within the Khitauli zone, there are a few territories where the tiger has been spotted before. Tiger sightings have been reported in all the zones.

Places to see in Bandhavgarh :

  • Bandhavgarh Hill- From here you can have a great view of the Tiger Reserve.
  • Shesh-Saiya- Idol of Vishnu and is also the point of origin of the Charanganga River. 
  • Bandhavgarh Ancient Caves- There are a total of about 39 such caves in the area and these cover a total length of around 5 km. 
  • Baghel Museum- You can find photos and posters of animals and a lot more in Baghel Museum.

Bandhavgarh Fort: The Bandhavgarh fort gives breathtaking view of the surrounding countryside. Vultures wheel around the precipice which also attracts blue rock thrushes and crag martins. Trek to Bandhavgarh Fort starts from Tala Zone and ends at Bandhavgarh fort. There are several caves in the fort and these are decorated with scripts and paintings

Choosing the right resort is also very important before going for the trip. Planning a jungle safari along with the resort where you want to stay is also very important.


all FAQs about bandhavgarh

How far is Bandhavgarh fort from the park
Trek to Bandhavgarh Fort starts from Tala Zone and ends at Bandhavgarh fort. There are several caves in the fort and these are decorated with scripts and paintings.  
How many tigers are there in Bandhavgarh

There are around 41–48 tigers in Bandhavgarh. Bandhavgarh National park is also a place where you can see leopards, wolves, Indian bison, barking deer and many other wildlife species roaming freely. 

Is Bandhavgarh worth going or not

Yes, Bandhavgarh is worth going. It is undeniable that Bandhavgarh is one of the most well-known parks in India. Bandhavgarh will not disappoint you as tiger sighting is amazing here.

Tiger Sighting Zones in Bandhavgarh

There are 3 known Tiger Sighting Zones in Bandhavgarh i.e Tala zone,Magadhi zone & Khitauli zone. These zones are considered to be the best in tiger sightings.

What are the best ways to reach Bandhavgarh

By Air: 

Domestic airport facilities from Jabalpur(160 km) and Khajuraho(225 km) are available to reach Bandhavgarh. Jabalpur is the nearest city from Bandhavgarh which is also connected to some of the major cities in India. Cabs are also easily available from these airports.

By Train:

All the railway stations have good connectivity from Bandhavgarh. Umaria(37km) and Katni(100 km)  are the nearest railway stations from Bandhavgarh. Jabalpur railway station is also there which is 180 km from Bandhavgarh. 

Where can I stay in Bandhavgarh

There are four kinds of resorts in Bandhavgarh: Luxury, Deluxe, Standard, and Budget Resorts. Tiger sightings depend on the zones you are traveling and also Resorts where you are planning to stay. The resorts adjacent to or within close proximity to the park offers you easy and convenient access and also you will feel downright connected to nature without being amongst large crowds.

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