Want to Spot Black Panther at Kabini, Go around Full or New Moon

If you want to spot Black Panther at Kabini, go around New or Full Moon Day

black panther at kabini

If you want to spot Black Panther at Kabini, go around New or Full Moon Day

This article is the result of the findings of studying recent sightings data from WildTrails Recent Sightings for the last 12 months and talks about various data points that we have collected w.r.t black panther at Kabini. [This findings were also published in 22nd July 2018 Sunday Times]

black panther is the melanistic color variant of any big cat species. Black Panthers in Asia and Africa are leopards, and those in the Americas are black jaguars.  Basically, a melanistic leopard and we have many in India and a high percentage of that in Karnataka forests but only one is in tourism zone which is bold enough to give a lot of sightings and that is in Kabini Jungle (which is southern part of Nagarhole National Park situated on the banks of River Kapila/Kabini, and approx 220 kms south of Bangalore, India)

Kabini Package

[Image Courtesy Sridhar Nagaraj; black panther shot in Kabini 2018]

[Cover photo Courtesy Aravind Srinivasan; Shot in July 2015 – the first photographic evidence of existence of Black Panther in Kabini]

WildTrails Recent sightings collect all sightings data across all popular Indian national parks and are actually shown in their app – WildTrails Recent Sightings [Available on both iOS and Android]. We analyzed the data for the last 12 months – From July 17, 2018, back to Aug 1, 2017, and these are the results we found

[BTW this result was published in Sunday Times Bangalore Edition dated July 22, 2018, and here is the link]


The total number of Sighting Days: 61

Total number of such sightings around Full Moon Day:

Total Number of Sightings in past 12 months  61
Total Number of Sightings around Full Moon  23 
Total Number of Sightings around New Moon  19
Total Number of Sighting Days in 2018 36
Total Number of Sightings around Full Moon (2018) 10
Total Number of Sightings around New Moon (2018) 17
Total Number of Sightings ON Full Moon Day (2018) 0
Total Number of Sightings ON New Moon Day (2018) 5 (out of 7 New Moon Days so far)

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Even though it seems to show itself around new moon & full moon days equally, in 2018, it has appeared more during New Moon days and 5 out of 7 new moon days it has appeared.

It seems if we are there say a 3-night stay around New Moon and/or Full Moon, Sighting chances increase up to 70%+ compared to any other random day which is hardly 16%. Also in 2018, it seems to do a safari on New Moon Day you probably increasing your Black Panther Sightings to almost certainty if past data is anything to go by for future sightings.

Please note that these data are all past sightings and may or may not have any bearing on the future sightings and use it more like a helping or a guiding tool rather than a surety tool.

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