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Which Safari Parks are open during monsoon?

Which Safari Parks are open during monsoon

This article lists Which Safari Parks are open during monsoon. Safari parks I mean all popular national parks, tiger reserves, & wildlife sanctuaries that are open during the monsoon which is our (Indian) rainy season which basically encompasses the months of July, August, & September.

These are the months where most of the Central India & North India sanctuaries are closed for safaris and that which are open are also very limited safari vehicles allowed and that too very limited routes with no internal routes allowed.

top 5 tiger reserves near bangalore

Which Safari Parks are open during monsoon? – Here is the list

here is the list that are FULLY OPEN

Nagarhole National Park & Tiger Reserve, Karnataka, 240 kms from Bangalore, South India

Kabini Tiger Reserve, Karnataka, 240 kms from Bangalore, South India

Bandipur National Park & Tiger reserve, Karnataka, 230 kms from Bangalore, South India

BR Hills Tiger Reserve, Karnataka, 180 kms from Bangalore, South India

Bhadra tiger reserve, Karnataka, 275 kms from Bangalore, South India

Kali Tiger Reserve, Karnataka, approx. 420 kms from Bangalore, South India

Daroji Sloth Bear Sanctuary, approx. 415 kms from Bangalore, South India

here is the list that are PARTIALLY OPEN

Tadoba National Park & Tiger Reserve, Maharastra, 140 kms from Nagpur, Central India

Pench National Park & Tiger Reserve, Maharastra, 1oo kms from Nagpur, Central India

Is it a good idea to visit a Tiger Reserve during Monsoons?

The popular belief goes that you rarely sight a tiger during monsoons, guides and naturalists at the parks agree to disagree. Contrray to the popular belief, they believe that tigers walk more on the roads (due to long grass) during rainy season and also since the scent goes away faster, they wander around scent marking more often during rainy season. Only issue is that heavy rains will make sure that the safari might be cancelled but if it happens, tiger sightings wont be an issue.

If you are behind elephants sightings, this is the best time as they love to get out and get drenched during rains!!


Further Info:

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