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Inexpensive Tadoba Safari

This article explains about how to plan an inexpensive Tadoba safari including the stay and the travel and enjoy the most without creating a big hole in your wallet.

Tadoba today is the Tiger Heaven of India and has the highest sighting ratio of Tigers (SRT)* in the country today. Tadoba is approx. 100 to 140 kms from Nagpur depending in which gate of Tadoba you are measuring from. It has exactly one dozen gates from where the safari starts. Due to the fact of highest SRT, guests visiting Tadoba has multiplied over the last couple of years so has the rates of the resorts. Even the jeep safari is pretty expensive also [add the forest entry cost as well as the gypsy cost as well as the mandatory guide cost].

tadoba gypsy

Add to the fact the there is no gypsy sharing either like you do in MP forests/tiger reserves adds to the cost.  A gypsy can take max 6 people but if your party does not have 6, you end up paying the entire amount and the per person cost increases drastically. Add the cost of the gypsy safari, stay at a resort and your transport to Tadoba all adds up to be an expensive affair.

How to Plan an Inexpensive Tadoba Safari and a Budget Stay and a Complete Budget Trip:

Lets start with the Stay.

Budget Stays:

There are many budget home stays in Tadoba and are very good and vey close to the gates also but the issue is with high cost marketing and they can’t afford the marketing part but they are really nice (we as part of WildTrails Survey, visit every resort at every gate and note down their location, their prices and how good they are and provide a WT rating for each – you can see all of it in WildTrails India App)

inexpensive tadoba homestay

but tough to find them in any Online Hotel booking portals or on google but they are really good and they provide some of the yummiest food in town. Do check out these jungle budget home stays in the WildTrails India App and save.

Budget Safari:

There are multiple ways to do inexpensive tadoba safari. One of the easiest way is to just arrive at the gate and get into a canter (a big van or a mini bus with seating varies from 18 to 22 seats) which costs approx. Rs400+ per person. Another way is to make a group of six people and then book a Gypsy and will work  out under 700 per person or you can switch to a zone gate (aka buffer) rather than core and you can reduce your cost substantially for the safari. [Download the WildTrails India app and follow the instructions to book your safari. It also helps you how to narrow to a gate to book a safari from the 12 gates that exist].

inexpensive tadoba safari

[Please note that there are good sightings going on now in Tadoba Buffer Zones – as good as Core zones – do read under Further Reads]

Budget Transport:

Best it to get a Train or a Bus to drop you off at Chandrapur (for Moharli Gate) or a Bus to drop you off at Chimur (for Kolara Gate) and then take a local taxi from there to the respective gate. They usually charge under Rs1000 from Chandrapur to Moharli gate (28 kms) and under Rs500 from Chimur to Kolara gate (13 kms) (if you are in a group, works out very cheap).

Ofcourse if you hit any issues at any point of time, help is just an email or a call [+918030178142] away. Remember you can plan an inexpensive tadoba safari!!

That’s it and you done and all you need to do is pray for an amazing tiger sighting but remember, this quote:

sighting prediction cartoon tadoba


*Sighting Ratio of Tigers  by WildTrails India [SRT by WTI]: we at WildTrails India App regularly calculate the sighting ratio of tigers what we call SRT across many national parks in India. We define SRT as number of tiger-sighted safari rides to total number of safari rides done in a national park over a period of time – we usually use the last 28 days as the period.

Further Reads:


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PS: Please be a responsible wildlife tourist; No littering, No sounds, No feeding, no getting down from the safari jeep (when on safari), No phone calls. Remember that we are visiting their home and when we are there, let’s follow their rules.

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