Wildlife Experience - Can a wild bull defeat a tiger?
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Wildlife Experience: Can a Wild Bull defeat a Tiger? Apparently Yes…

This happened on June 26th 2015 Morning (Friday) in Katraniaghat Wildlife Sanctuary (UP) along the Belchna-Babhabiya Road.

Eye-witnesses said the two beasts came face to face in Kakhra range of the sanctuary early in the morning. Taking the adversary lightly, it was the tiger which started the fight but soon realised its folly. In the first round of the bout, that lasted around 15 minutes, the bull hurled the adult male tiger in the air using its horns. The tiger fled into the jungle. The bull was the clear winner.

But the fight did not end there. The tiger returned with a vengeance and attacked the bull while it was grazing. This time, it was a fight to the finish and both the fighters were in no mood to relent. Both suffered injuries but it was the bull which prevailed ultimately. The big cat had to accept defeat and flee to save its life. The second round lasted for nearly 55 minutes. Although victorious, the bull was left with broken horns.

A large number of villagers, cops and forest officials had assembled on the road adjacent to the spot where the fight was taking place, watched the deadly duel with amazement and terror.

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