WildTrails Experts list the most important things that people should remember before planning for Indian Wildlife Trip
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WildTrails Experts list the most important things that people should remember before planning for Indian Wildlife Trip

India has loads of options when it comes to wildlife. India has some famous and some not so famous National Parks with a perfect mixture of scenic beauty and wildlife. There are some things that everyone should know before going for the wildlife trip.

Check out the most important things that everyone should remember before going for the wildlife trip:

Don’t get fixated for the top parks only

India has a lot of places to offer for wildlife lovers. There are various National Parks across the nation wherein you can go for a wildlife safari and all you have to do is to invest some time on research. Believe us that there are many national parks in India that are not so popular but have very good wildlife sightings. Apart from well-known National Park such as (like Pench, Bandhavgarh, Tadoba, Corbett, Kanha, Ranthambore) be open for parks like(Bor, Nagzira, Umred, Tipeshwar, Sariska) that are doing really good in tiger sightings. 

The different versions of “Best Wildlife Experience”

Every park has its own specialty, some parks have amazing tiger sightings and others may have very good Birding. For some of us, the best wildlife experience means seeing a tiger in its natural habitat but for some, the best wildlife experience is seeing deer, elephant or any other wildlife in their natural habitat. Remember that the definition of the best wildlife experience is different for different people.

Pick your tour operator wisely.

There are many con operators in the market that you should not fall for. In recent years, many operators have emerged in the market that are providing wildlife trips. Checking the operator’s website is the easiest way to assess its credentials but sometimes you don’t get to know about the operator just by googling it. Research should be done properly before booking a wildlife trip from any tour operator. Your tour operator will determine what kind of tiger expert you will get? and what kind of experience you will have? So, be alert before booking any wildlife trip from any operator. 

It’s always a better option to book multiple Jungle Safaris

If you are really determined to spot tigers in the forest, then you need to take some extra steps for it. It may happen that you spot many tigers during one safari while in your next safari, you see only a few or nothing. Remember that you are visiting the forest; tigers will not appear just because you have paid for the safari. Plan a minimum of two safaris or more at a stretch as it increases the chances of spotting tigers in the wild. 

Go for the best Tiger tracker

If you go by yourself without a good tiger tracker, then you can end up spending more time in sightseeing than actually enjoying the true purpose of your safari.  There are a lot of trackers who will promise you to do the best but here we would like to suggest you that – trackers who are well experienced – over a decade in the same area will know a lot more than just a new bee that a forest department is recruited with knowledge of only the path and few basic birds and tree names.

For any sightings of big cats, even though you know that this is the right zone where sightings are happening, you also need a good tiger tracker. It is advisable to go with a trusted and the best tiger tracker who can come with you on a jungle safari to find out the hiding places of animals. So, we would suggest you to go with the best who is knowledgeable and well-equipped with whom, what, when, why, and how of every animal and bird in that jungle so that you will be at the right place and at the right time for the best wildlife sightings. Going for a wildlife trip through WildTrails is the best thing that you can do to increase your chances of tiger sightings.

Don’t make money a barrier for a good wildlife trip.

The wildlife trip is different compared to regular trips. There are many factors that result in good wildlife sightings. There are many tour operators that will charge less from you for the wildlife trip, but what after that? What about the experience? What about the tiger sightings?

A Jungle Safari is all about good wildlife sightings. Wildlife trip is once in a lifetime experience, which takes a lot of planning and there is no doubt that you want to do it right. Let’s go for the authentic tour operator, don’t make money a barrier for good wildlife sightings. Go for the service provided by the tour operator instead of thinking about the money. 

You need to be patient while Jungle Safari

As I have mentioned before that with proper Sightings Index, Expert Tiger Tracker and a bit of luck you are definitely increasing your chances of spotting tigers but you should remember that you also need to be patient to spot tigers. You need to have lots of patience to enjoy your wildlife sanctuary and national park trip. 

Don’t get down from the safari vehicle. 

Never get down from the safari vehicles unless you have the permission to do so! In most National Parks and sanctuaries, people are not allowed to get down from the vehicles. You are in the wild and you don’t know the mood of wild animals. To avoid any accidents and for your safety, please don’t get down from the safari vehicle. You need to follow the guidelines and instructions given by your guide. Be alert if you see any signboards about particular warnings and follow them strictly to avoid any danger.

Do a thorough research and book your tickets in advance.

Proper research is must before planning for the Wildlife trip. It is necessary to do thorough research before going for any wildlife tours. While planning for jungle safaris, you should also know the best season and safari timings. National Parks have a limited number of vehicles that enter the park. Here you should keep in mind that every zone has only a limited number of vehicles that can enter the forest. Booking your jungle safari tickets at least 4-5 months in advance is necessary to avoid the last-minute hustle-bustle. 

What WildTrails does?

WildTrails creates tailor-made wildlife packages across India for you. It’s the only company that collects sighting data (has more than 4 years worth of data) across all popular national parks & tiger reserves and calculate a predictive metric (Sighting Index) from data analysis, and then by applying our AI/Ml algorithms on thus collected sightings data to find patterns and then to find out for a given time which is the best park and best zone to visit to spot a given big cat. 

WildTrails team comprises Wildlife specialists with an extensive knowledge to design wildlife journeys for you at the right part and at the right time.  WildTrails works with an extensive network of Expert Tiger Trackers across all the National Parks in India, who will be going to guide you through your jungle safari.

WildTrails will help you to book the resort according to your budget near the zone which will help you to minimize your travel time so that you will be able to spend the most amount of time on safari drives with the best tiger sightings.

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With 4 years of Sightings data + Extensive expert tracker network in jungles, our customers had the best wildlife experiences.

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