Yawn Of A Big Cat | Tadoba National Park
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Yawn Of A Big Cat | Tadoba National Park

A Big cat yawn is absolutely common and can happen every now and then, but if there is an add on factor with the very same yawn, there arises a huge Impact and difference. Such an unusual guest was this buzzer and the tiny had to end up suiciding knowingly.

This overall act was so much in favor of the mighty yet tiny honey bee that it did survive twice or thrice but at the end ended up heading into that major tunnel and that’s dead well for sure. The handsome Prince was in the sleeping mode for a long while and got bugged up wit the fuzziness from around and decided to give it an end for once. this is what while it is all about.

Certain analyzing skills on field and you end up getting smiting unusual, the wait in this case for close to an hour, exploring the scene at 500mm and checking on every loopholes which in turn would be a supportive add on factor at the end, yes observing the scene for quite a while and getting hold of this major bee whose been testing his/her flying skills since long. Tragic death had happened in a fraction of a second, and yes that’s the point of unusual contact or major freeze which does stand out to last for long in my personal collection.

Observing the happening around is very much a required skill on-field during wildlife safaris. Every moment something else or the other does happen and we just need to be subtle and prepared. Emotions followed by expressive pauses, lead your focus to these factors and experience a different level of execution.

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