6 Mistakes to avoid while on a safari holiday in Sariska National Park in 2021
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6 Mistakes To Avoid While On A Safari Holiday In Sariska National Park

Sariska National Park is one of the 2 famous national parks that is in the greener side of Rajasthan. Wildlife enthusiasts prefer visiting Sariska because the park is reasonably short and believe that there can be better wildlife sightings. First timers, particularly from metropolitan cities like Delhi and Jaipur can prefer Sariska for a weekend getaway since it is a 4-hour drive from their jam packed cities.

There can be a lot of debacles if the planning goes wrong. No doubt, Sariska is well connected through roads and rails. The nearest airports accessible are Delhi and Jaipur, there are options to reach Sariska by bus, train, or cab from these airports.


Don’t do these mistakes- 


  • There are only 2 gates in Sariska, choosing any of them can get great sighting.

Sariska gate and Telha gate are only 2 gates to enter the forest reserve. The expedition will be a lot worth if you understand that Sariska gate is more popular and recommended most of the times. At WildTrails, we recommend gates based on the sighting data and have found out that the sightings are better in zones 1, 2 and 3 in Sariska gate. Pro tip – Enquire with an expert before choosing the gates for safari. Sariska National Park Entry Gates And Zones.

Sariska Safari Gate


  • You can drive through the woods in your vehicle on Tuesdays and Saturdays

You find this information in several blogs online and most of you tend to believe in them. Can you really plan for a self-drive safari in Sariska? Not really! Not at all for a safari drive. There is a famous temple called Pandupol Hanuman Temple within the forest reserve. The temple is accessible to the public; however, the devotees must walk all the way to the temple from the entrance. Tuesdays and Saturdays are considered special here and private vehicles can be driven till the temple gate. No doubt you can sight a few wildlife creatures on the way but you need to drive through the core zones for the worthy sightings. This cannot be possible in a private vehicle.

Sariska Safari


  • Not having a Tiger Tracker for safari

Tiger trackers know in and around the jungle as they have made the jungle as their home. We at WildTrails have come across the common disappointing statements that includes missing the sighting by seconds. Possible reason – There were no expert tiger trackers. They have developed the perfection of sightings over the years. They know where exactly the big cats roam around at a particular time of the year. A tiger tracker for your expedition and choosing the right zone can guarantee 90% of the sightings while the rest depends on the luck-factor.


  • Book Accommodation First Before Safari Permit.

There are a lot of properties near Sariska. The search engines display a list of attractive properties from top travel sites based on the comfort level you wish to have. You tend to book the accommodations before safari. You check out for the permits and get them; however, the chances are that the gate can be way far from the accommodation being booked. This creates a hassle in your vacation since you may end up wasting time travelling from the hotel to the gate. Pro tip here is – Get your safari drives confirmed and then look out for the accommodation. Smarter approach- connect with someone who can manage both safari and stay. How to Get  Customised Sariska Package

Accomodation In Sariska


  • Over Exploring The Jungle For The First Time

For the first timers, get your best in maximum of 3 safari drives. Ideally, 1-3 safari drives in a schedule of 2/3 nights is recommended. Anything more than this, you would end up being exhausted. You need to know that jungle is not just the flora and fauna. You can plan to visit the tribals and schools in the forests, the fields nearby to make your first wildlife expedition a memorable trip.


  • Relying On The Resorts To Book & Organise Safari.

There are few properties who have the license to schedule safari. However, they do not guarantee them. Neither they confirm at the time when you book the safari. Hence, it is not a good idea to rely over these resorts for safari. Besides, as mentioned earlier, always book the safari first and then proceed with choosing the accommodation.

At WildTrails, the accommodations and safari drives are completely reliable since we tie up only with the reliable properties. We perform regular checks on the quality services at the properties. Further, we have experts who guide you the right way before booking your trip.


6 reasons to book your safari with WildTrails?

  • Hassle free booking experience.
  • Support assistance from the experts.
  • Expert Tiger Tracker for your safari.
  • Sighting data (Exclusively from WildTrails) for effective planning of your wildlife venture.
  • We take care of your complete vacation, from transfer, accommodation, safari, meals to make it stress-free.
  • 16-hour direct chat support.



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