Bandhavgarh National Park Resorts (Accomodation in Bandhavgarh)
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Bandhavgarh National Park is a paradise for all wildlife enthusiasts. It is world-renowned for its Royal Bengal Tigers. The tiger density & Tiger Sightings is the highest at Bandhavgarh National Park. Bandhavgarh is also a place where you can see leopards, wolves, Indian bison, barking deer and many other wildlife species roaming freely. It is undeniable that Bandhavgarh is one of the most well-known parks in India.

It has three main zones: Tala, Magadhi, and Khitauli. Bandhavgarh has a very high density of tigers within the folds of its jungles. The park is highly famous for its tiger sightings and that’s the main reason that Bandhavgarh  Resorts remains packed with the crowd throughout the year. It’s advisable to book the safari in advance, if possible.

For more clarity about the Tiger sighting zones, you can reach out to WildTrails experts at: [email protected]

A great trip, beautiful stay, wonderful service and you want to see the wildlife too and that is your foremost priority. So before booking any jungle safari, you should properly research “How Accessible the park is from the resort you are planning to stay”?

Here I will tell you something about Bandhavgarh Resorts. There are resorts near the fringes of Bandhavgarh which can be advantageous and then there are resorts which are further away from Bandhavgarh, which are not even close to the forest. So, planning a jungle safari along with the resort where you want to stay is very important.

Other than economical and budgetary accommodation, one can find many star category hotels and resorts nearby. Other than that the MP Tourism has also arranged for accommodation capacity for tourists visiting National Park. So there are four kinds of resorts and now you probably got an idea of why some resorts cost so low and some are very expensive:

  • Luxury Resorts: Some resorts are in close proximity to the national park and some are also at farther distances. Some of these hotels provide facilities of a gym, game room and swimming pools as well.
  • Deluxe Resorts: Good facilities including a nice restaurant, open-air terrace are there in the deluxe resorts.
  • Standard Resorts: Standard resorts includes decent facilities that include a swimming pool, spa, library and a bar and are not too hard on your wallet.
  • Budget Resorts: Good food, Comfortable stay, nature walks.

As I have mentioned that Bandhavgarh has core zones and buffer zones. Tiger sightings depends on the zones you are travelling and also Resorts where you are planning to stay. So, If you want a sure shot of Tiger Sightings then you must know that resorts also play an important role in this. The resorts adjacent to or within close proximity to the park, offers you easy and convenient access and also you will feel downright connected to nature without being amongst large crowds.

  1. Planning to go to Bandhavgarh to live at a nice place, to enjoy tiger sightings hence most importantly you have to book the Safari at the right gate/zone. Want to know more about the Bandhavgarh Resorts, Tiger sightings than please  drop an email to [email protected] (and we will be happy to help)
  2. After booking your safari, now you have to figure out what kind of resorts you prefer–there are home stays (budget ones),  there are standard ones, there are luxury ones and there are premium ones. All have good meals with air conditioning room but the difference lies in what kind of amenities you get and how big are the properties and where they are located and what kind of service you get and of course all the add-ons that comes with the hotel/resort.
  3. After choosing the accommodation, now you need to find the one that is closer to the gate for which you have chosen the safari.

A stay in these Bandhavgarh Resorts would only enhance your Bandhavgarh wildlife trip in the most remarkable way. Go on, find the best one for yourself by planning a wildlife trip with WildTrails.

Wish to know more about Bandhavgarh National Park? Bandhavgarh Resorts ? Best Tiger sighting zones in Bandhavgarh ? Please reach out to our experts at: [email protected] or Call Us OR WhatsApp at  +919901175444

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