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Best Time To Visit Jim Corbett National Park

Best Time To Visit Jim Corbett National Park

If you are a wildlife enthusiast and wish to experience the adventure by staying inside the forest, then Jim Corbett National Park is the place to head over. It is the only national park in India where you can find accommodations inside the jungle zone. Moreover, it is the oldest national park in India and is popular for tiger sighting and bird watching. The time when all the zones of Jim Corbett forest reserve is open will be from November to May and hence this is the best time to visit the park.

Here are Best Time To Visit Jim Corbett National Park:

Exploring Jim Corbett in summer:

When: The summer season in Jim Corbett National Park starts from March and goes on till the end of June.

Why visit during summer?

Beat the heat by exploring the lush green forests of Jim Corbett forest reserve. The days might be humid and unbearable, but you can expect showers while approaching the dusk. Moreover, it is the best time for wildlife sightings. The beasts step out in quest of water which makes it the best time to sight them and the data we have over the past years says it all. All 5 zones are open while in summer and is indeed the best time to explore, particularly for wildlife photographers.

One should, however, be ready to face the scorching sun and high temperature during summer. Wearing light cotton clothes is recommended and do not forget to carry water for drinking.

Average temperature:

Day: 42 degrees Celsius

Night: 28 degrees Celsius.

Jim Corbett During Summer

Exploring Jim Corbett in winter:

When: The winter season in Jim Corbett National Park starts from November and goes on till the end of February.

Why visit during winter?

Cool and ambient weather with the perfect atmosphere for an adventure. One can expect the temperature to go below 5 degree Celsius during winter, and the days are pleasant to explore the woods. The best place to plan for the year end vacations. Bird watching is indeed an attraction during this time of the year along with spotting variety of mammals and reptiles. It is during the winter; one has great chances to see the Royal Bengal Tigers who venture out in the open to soak up the sun.

One should make sure to carry warm clothes, including a pair of gloves and preferably mufflers while exploring the woods in the winter.

Average temperature:

Day: 15 degrees Celsius

Night: 5 degrees Celsius.

Jim Corbett During Winter

Exploring Jim Corbett in monsoon:

When: The rainy season in Jim Corbett National Park starts from July and goes on till the end of October.

What can you find in Jim Corbett if visited during monsoon?

A jeep safari drive through the lush green forest is a good idea to spend time in Jim Corbett. However, you can expect soil erosion and landslides. Jeep safari is available in Sonandi and Sitabani zones. Other major zones are expected to be closed at this time of the year due to the landslides.

The accommodation costs will be at the lower end due to off-season; however, it is never a good time to explore the jungle for sightings.

Average temperature:

Day: 35 degrees Celsius

Night: 25 degrees Celsius.

Jim Corbett During Rain

Image Credit: Sudhir Shivaram Photography

Why should one visit National Parks-


The list goes on from breaking away from the stressful routine to learning about nature conservation. We have some interesting reasons as why visiting any national park would be ideal-

  1.       Exploring more of nature

A lot of forests are conserved and regulated by the government and hence you can get a chance to explore them without any fear. More you get along with nature, the curiosity level would go higher to know more about it.

  1.       Capture the moment

Photography has become a mandate, be it any trip or any occasion. The candid snaps of wildlife sighted are indeed a moment to cherish for a while.

  1.       Every park is unique.

Jim Corbett park is known for providing accommodations within the forest zone. Tadoba national park is known for permitting night safari drives. Similarly, every national park you come across is unique in terms of what they have to provide.

  1.       Visiting any national park can boost your health.

Yes, it is scientifically proven. The more you interact with nature, the better will be your physical and mental health. Besides, nature exploration was always a stress buster.

  1.       A perfect place for adrenaline junkies.

A safari drive or a small hike or even rock climbing, one can find a lot of adrenaline-pumping activities for even the most fearless adventurers.

  1.       They are educational, with a lot of fun.

A trip to any national park would be a great learning opportunity for anyone. It is all about nature, science, conservation, history, and even .geology— while having fun.

  1.       Anyone can plan to visit a National park.

There are no age or gender restrictions to visit a national park and hence planning for one would be a perfect getaway. 

  1.       National parks help improve the economy.

There are a lot of regulations imposed over the years since there is a sharp raise in the number of adventure enthusiasts exploring nature. The government being aware of this does take every major step in managing the adventures. There are a lot of rangers and forest officers assigned to protect and conserve the forests. Hence, national parks do create jobs and generate a lot of revenue to help build the economy.

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