Complete Travel Guide To Kanha National Park | Kanha Tiger Reserve
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Complete Travel Guide To Kanha National Park

Kanha national park

Introduction to Kanha National Park

The Satpura ranges in the heart of India is filled with lush green forest areas and limitless explorations. Kanha National Park is one such reserve where wildlife is abundant within the dense woods. The national park is spread across Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh and Chattisgarh, thus making it the biggest forest reserve in central India.

The 900 odd square kilometres area of lush green and dense forests have a lot to offer for and hence we come up with a complete guide to plan your adventure to Kanha National Park.


History Of Kanha National Park

Kanha National Park was created in 1955, however, the tiger reserve was introduced in 1973. The forest was initially inhabited by a category of scheduled tribes known as Gonds. Hence it was known as Gondhwanas – The land of Gonds. They are so familiar with the animal behaviour and have dominated the jungle. However, you can still find a few of the tribals residing around the forest.


Flora And Fauna Of Kanha National Park :

More than 1000 species of flowering plants are seen in the forest reserve which attracts more nature lovers to explore Kanha. The lower level of the forest consists of mixed forests, interspersed with meadows and sal trees. While the higher altitude of the forest consists more of tropical moist and dry deciduous forests. The Ghost tree, known for its change in colour according to the season, can be sighted in Kanha National Park.

Kanha National Park is known for sighting the Royal Bengal Tigers. There are over 83 tigers today in about 2000 square kilometres. Besides, there are leopards, wild dogs, sloth bears, foxes and jackals, and gaurs. Not to forget, the reserve is home to over 300 species of birds.

Animals At Kanha National Park

Gates and Zones Of Kanha National Park

Kanha National Park has 4 core zones-

  • Kanha zone
  • Kisli zone
  • Mukki zone
  • Sarhi zone

The buffer zones were introduced recently-

  • Khatia zone
  • Motinala zone
  • Khapa zone
  • Sijhora zone
  • Samnapur zone
  • Garhi zone

Know the best zone for your safari adventure.


Gates And safari Zones Of Kanha

Types Of Safaris Available At Kanha Tiger Reserve


Jeep safari : 

3 -hour drive through the deepest part of the woods is possible in a jeep. Hence, a better sighting. A single jeep can accommodate up to 6 tourists. Shared and exclusive options are available for jeep safari.

Canter safari : 

The more economical option and a canter can accommodate up to 20 tourists. Canter safari is more recommended for solo or for smaller group size.


Safari Timings At Kanha National Park :

Morning safari – 6 AM to 11 AM*

Evening safari – 2 PM to 6 PM*

Note: The safari timings might change based on the weather. It may start earlier or late depending on the season. Hence, we recommend you to check out the safari timing with us before planning your itinerary.

kanha safari


Best Season To Visit Kanha National Park:

November to June is undoubtedly the best time to explore Kanha National Park. November to February would be the winter season here and the temperature is expected to be extremely cold. The temperature from March to June would be extremely high, however better sightings during summer.

The National Park is usually closed during monsoon season.


How To Get There?

By Road

Cabs and buses are available from Mandla town. It is a 35-minute drive to Kanha National Park. You can arrive at Jabalpur by bus. Roads from major cities connect to Jabalpur. Further, there are bus services from Bhopal and Indore to reach Kanha.

By Air

The nearest airport is in Jabalpur. There are regular flights from all major cities. Jabalpur to Kanha National Park is around 120 kilometres and can be reached by bus or cab.

By Train

The nearest railway station is Jabalpur. You can avail cab or bus from the station to reach Kanha which is around 130 kilometres from Jabalpur railway station.


Types Of Accommodations In Kanha National Park :

Kanha offers a wide range of accommodations near it’s entry gates. At Wildtrails, we suggest the wildlife enthusiasts choose the gate and zone first to explore the jungle, book them and then proceed with choosing the accommodations. More details on choosing the best accommodations at

We at Wildtrails list out 3 types of accommodations namely, budget, mid-range, and luxury. The safari package cost varies depending on the type of accommodation you look out for. However, the properties seen on our portal are of top level, ensuring every buck you spend is worth it.

Budget Category :

It has all the basic-level facilities at the lodge and the prices are lower when compared to other types. The comfort level can be expected on the lower end.

Mid-range category :

It has little higher amenities when compared to the budget level lodges. While the budget level accommodation can be compared with features of a hatchback car, the services in mid-range accommodation can be compared with that of a sedan.

Luxury Category : 

This Category consists of top-level facilities and amenities where the priority is given to the comfort level and top-notch quality of service. The services in the mid-range accommodation can be compared to commuting in a basic sedan car, while the services in the luxury type accommodation can be compared with commuting in a luxury car like Mercedes.


Nearby Attractions-

Kanha museum – The museum is managed by the forest department and is a place to be visited while being here. Skeletal remains of many carnivores, herbivores and reptiles are found here.

Mandla – The place is full of temples and forts. The nature filled Mandla is a place to explore for nature lovers. The breath-taking view of Rangrex ghat and Rapta ghat along with Narmada river flowing around is indeed a bliss to look out for.

Jabalpur – Known as the soul of Madhya Pradesh, Jabalpur holds the tagline of city of coloured marbles. The town has a lot to offer for the tourists. The misty Dhuandar falls, Madan Mahal fort, Chausath Yogni temple of 10th century, 76 feet statue of lord Shiva in Kanchar temple are few of the major attractions here. 1-2 day sightseeing is a good option to plan your itinerary.


KeyTips For First Time Visitors


Flagship Species

Barasingha, the swamp deer that is on the verge of extinction is commonly sighted here. Besides, the red-listed endangered species like Swamp deer, dhole, gaur, smooth based otter, Bengal fox can be sighted here. However, sighting a Bengal tiger makes your trip a satisfactory venture.


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Now you have the complete travel guide to explore Kanha National Park, head over to our website to book your trip and have the best itinerary and packages for your adventure

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